Scores & Sheet Music

Original arrangements by Richard Jordan

Change has come, Our publisher
On Jordans Banks
On Jordan's Banks Music Publishing
has been handling these matters for some time
these links will now take you directly to the
correct pages on their site
which are updated frequently
and feature many new things
(I understand they are working on some choral works)
as well as all the old

The first 7 volumes of
Festive Organ Hymns
are now available
Each volume comtains over 160 pages of music, and
the cost is be $25 each.
also a volume of Brass quartets is now ready
click here to learn more,
also available is
The Celtic Organ
which costs $30
it is a truly one of a kind collection!

We are providing sample pages from our scores
Some of these are also available in printed form in our books
(which are a very good value)
There are 3 pages to choose from,
Festive Organ Hymns are new, baroque styled organ arrangements of traditional hymn tunes
Celtic Organ are new, baroque styled organ arranements inspired or based on traditional Celtic or Irish melodies
Baroque Brass are 4 part, baroque styled arrangements of traditional hymn tunes
They are in Adobe Acrobat pdf format,
and may be printed on your printer,
output will depend on the quality of your printer, but most modern printers will do just fine
The full scores contain all the pages, and do not say sample on them, they cost $3.00 each.
They may be purchased online via credit card using the secure online service paypal
or by printing and filling out the appropriate order form and sending it in with your check.
Once payment is processed you will recieve by email your score [in pdf format].
Questions may be addressed to our publisher via email

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