JS Bach's Orgelbüchlein

Cataloged as Bach Werke Verzeichgis [BWV] 599-644 and dating from about 1714 during Bach's stay at Weimar; these musical minatures are not only delightful, but are wonderful teaching tools giving incredible insight into Bach's compositional technique. Bach had planned 146 chorale preludes arranged according to the seasons of the church year, but only completed 46. The Organ Büchlein [little book] chorale preludes were written, according to Bach's dedication,

"Dem höchsten Gott allein zu Ehren
Dem Nächsten, draus sich zu belehren"
(to the glory of God alone in the highest and the edification of my neighbor)

We have 3 versions prepared - the GM version is general midi,and is most compatable - the GS version require a real hardware Roland Soundcanvas SC-55 or better - the JV1080 version requires a Roland JV 1080.

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