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These are a series of Lutheran Hymns or Christian hymns which have been newly arranged for organ, but are presented in midi. I would recomend the series 2 arrangements as they are superior in musical structure to those of the series 1. All the sequences and arrangements are copyrighted © 1998-2000 Rev. Richard Jordan, all other rights reserved. They has been especially prepared for the Roland Soundcanvas, and have been tested on the following models SC55 SC88 M-GS64 and works fine, it may work on other GS compatible synths. These arrangements may offer some challenge even to professional organists, written in the style of JS Bach. While we try to keep the melody line intact and not to monkey with the given meter, it may be that I have gone somewhat beyond the bounds of what one can do, while hoping to lead congregational singing from the organ. Plans are underway to publish sheet music for these arrangements, and I am at present in the midst of recording them, write if you are interested in how you might obtain either.
Please Note: The section marked "New LW" contains hymns from "Lutheran Worship" AND also some from "Hymnal Supplement 98" and also "Lutheran Book of Worship" - however, if the hymn is in TLH that is where it will be cataloged.
Musical Scores for all these {and more) hymns are available.
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This collection is copyright © 1998-2001  Richard Jordan.
Permission is granted for private enjoyment only, all rights reserved.
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