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Musical Scores for all these {and more) hymns are available.

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hymn name . . . . . . LW# . . . . . tune name. . . . . date

Come Down, O Love Divine - RJO162LW - Down Ampney - R Williams (1906)
Holy Spirit, Ever Dwelling - RJO 164LW - In Babilone - Dutch (18th Cent)
I Bind unto Myself Today - RJO 172LW - St Patrick's Breastplate - Irish (trad)
To Jordan Came the Christ, Our Lord - RJO 223LW - Christ Unser Herr - J Walter (1524)
Here, O My Lord, I See you Face to Face - RJO 243LW - Farley Castle - H Laws (1638)
Sent forth by God's Blessing - RJO 247LW - The Ash Grove - Welsh (trad)
Lord Jesus Christ, Life-Giving Bread - RJO 248LW - Aus tiefer Not II - Strassburg (1525)
Preach You the Word - RJO 259LW -  O Heiland Reiss die Himmel auf - Augsburg (1666)
The King of Love My Shepherd Is - RJO 412LW -   St. Columba - Irish (trad)
The Lord's My Shepherd, Leading Me - RJO 417LW - Brother James' Air - J Bain (1925)
In You Is Gladness - RJO 442LW - In Dir ist Freude - G Gastoldi (1662)
The Clouds of Judgement Gather - RJO 463LW - Durrow - Irish (trad.)

These are from Hymnal Supplement 98

Oh, What Their Joy - RJO 838HS - O Quata Qualia - Paris (1681)
Eternal Father, Strong to Save - RJO 906HS -  Melita - J Dykes (1876)
this is the Navy Hymn

These are from Lutheran Book of Worship

I Love to Tell the Story - RJO390LBW - Hankey - W Fischer (1912)
He Leadeth Me: Oh, Blessed Thought - RJO501LBW -He Leadeth Me - W Bradbury (1868)
Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee - RJO551LBW -Hymn to Joy - L Beethoven (1827)

as they say it is a beginning, feel free to request any Lutheran Hymn tune (not marked copyright) and I will add them to the "to do" list. Remember, many hymns use the same tunes as in TLH, so check the cross reference tools - it may already be online.

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