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Kyrie, God Father in heaven above     6     Lyrics
Lamb of God, pure and holy     146     Lyrics
Lamb of God, we fall before Thee     358     Lyrics
Lamp of our feet whereby we trace    291     Lyrics
Let children hear the mighty deeds    629     Lyrics
Let me be Thine forever    334     Lyrics
Let songs of praises fill the sky    232     Lyrics
Let the earth now praise the Lord    91     Lyrics
Let thoughtless thousands choose    608     Lyrics
Let us all with gladsome voice    97     Lyrics
Let us ever walk with Jesus    409     Lyrics
Lift up your heads, ye mighty gates     73     73a     73b     Lyrics
Like the golden sun ascending    207     Lyrics
Lo, God to heaven ascendeth    214     Lyrics
Lo, Judah's Lion wins the strife    211     Lyrics
Lo, many shall come     415     Lyrics
Look from Thy sphere of endless day     499     Lyrics
Look, ye saints, the sight is glorious     222     Lyrics
Lord, as Thou wilt     406     Lyrics
Lord, dismiss us with Thy blessing     50     50b     Lyrics
Lord God, we all to Thee give praise     254     Lyrics
Lord, help us ever to retain     288     Lyrics
Lord, it belongs not to my care     527     Lyrics
Lord Jesus Christ, be present now     3     Lyrics
Lord Jesus Christ, my Life, my Light     148     Lyrics
Lord Jesus Christ, my Savior blest     353     Lyrics
Lord Jesus Christ, Thou hast prepared    306     Lyrics
Lord Jesus Christ, Thou living Bread     312     Lyrics
Lord Jesus Christ, we humbly pray     314     Lyrics
Lord Jesus Christ, with us abide    292     Lyrics
Lord Jesus. think on me     320     Lyrics
Lord Jesus, Thou art going forth     150     Lyrics
Lord Jesus, Thou the Church's head     477     Lyrics
Lord Jesus, we give thanks to Thee     173     Lyrics
Lord Jesus, who art come     485     Lyrics
Lord, keep us steadfast in Thy Word     261     Lyrics
Lord, lead the way the Savior went     440     Lyrics
Lord of Glory, who hast bought us ,    442     Lyrics
Lord of my life, whose tender care     24     Lyrics
Lord of our life and God of our salvation     258     Lyrics
Lord of the Church, we humbly pray     489     Lyrics
Lord of the harvest, hear     488     Lyrics
Lord of the living harvest    492     Lyrics
Lord of the worlds above     480     Lyrics
Lord, open Thou my heart to hear     5     Lyrics
Lord, Thee I love with all my heart     429     Lyrics
Lord, 'tis not that I did choose Thee     37     Lyrics
Lord, to Thee I make confession     326     Lyrics
Lord, we come before Thee now     18     Lyrics
Lord, we confess our numerous faults     382     Lyrics
Lord, when we bend before Thy throne     22     Lyrics
Lord, while for all mankind we pray     578     Lyrics
Lord, who at Cana's wedding feast     620     Lyrics
Love Divine, all love excelling     351     Lyrics

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