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Wake, awake, for night is flying     609     Lyrics
Watchman, tell us of the night     71     Lyrics
We all believe in one true God     251     251b     Lyrics
We all believe in one true God     252     Lyrics
We are the Lord's; His all sufficient merit     453     Lyrics
We bid thee welcome in the name     484     Lyrics
We Christians may rejoice today     107     Lyrics
We give Thee but Thine own     441     Lyrics
We have a sure prophetic Word     290     Lyrics
We now implore God the Holy Ghost     231     Lyrics
We praise Thee, 0 God, our Redeemer, Creator     568     Lyrics
We sing, Immanuel, Thy praise     108     Lyrics
We sing the almighty power of God     43     Lyrics
We sing the praise of Him who died     178     Lyrics
We thank Thee, Jesus, dearest Friend     223     Lyrics
Welcome, happy morning     202     Lyrics
What a Friend we have in Jesus     457     Lyrics
What God ordains is always good     521     Lyrics
What is the world to me     430     Lyrics
What our Father does is well     571     Lyrics
When all the world was cursed     272     Lyrics
When all Thy mercies, 0 my God     31     Lyrics
When I survey the wondrous cross     175     175b     Lyrics
When in the hour of utmost need     522     Lyrics
When my last hour is close at hand     594     Lyrics
When o'er my sins I sorrow     152     Lyrics
When sinners see their lost condition     65     Lyrics
When streaming from the eastern skies     543     Lyrics
Where wilt Thou go since night draws near     197     Lyrics
While shepherds watched their flocks     109     Lyrics
While with ceaseless course the sun     113     Lyrics
While yet the morn is breaking     544     Lyrics
Who is this that comes from Edom     209     Lyrics
Who knows when death may overtake me     598     Lyrics
Who trusts in God, a strong abode     437     Lyrics
Why do we mourn departing friends     593     Lyrics
Why should cross and trial grieve me     523     Lyrics
With broken heart and contrite sigh     323     Lyrics
With the Lord begin thy task     540     Lyrics
Within the Father's house     133     Lyrics
Wondrous King, all glorious     41     Lyrics
Word Supreme, before creation     271     Lyrics

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