The New Lutheran Hymnal

Proposed hymns of the New Lutheran Hymnal (LCMS)
an aid for examining what's in and what's not - not all text or music files are available, because of copyright.
all arrangements are by © Rev. Richard Jordan
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Praise God, from whom all blessings flow - LW461 - TLH644 - Old Hundreth
Praise, my soul, the King of heaven - HS893 - Lauda anima
Praise the Almighty, my soul, adore Him - LW445 - TLH026 - Lobe den Herren, o meine Seele
Praise the One who breaks the darkness - HS881 - Beach Spring
Praise to the Lord, the Almighty - LW444 - TLH039 - Lobe den Herren
Praise to You and adoration - LW387 - TLH401 - Freu dich sehr
Preach you the Word, and plant it home - LW259 - O Heiland, reiss die Himmel auf
Prepare the royal highway - LW027 - Bereden väg för Herran
Rejoice, my heart, be glad and sing - LW424 - TLH535 - Ich singe dir
Rejoice, O pilgrim throng - LW455 - Marion
Rejoice, rejoice, believers - HS801 - TLH072 - Haf trones lampa färdig
Renew me, O eternal Light - LW373 - TLH398 - Herr Jesu Christ, meins
Ride on, ride on in majesty - LW105 - TLH162 - The King's Majesty
Ride on, ride on in majesty - TLH162 - Winchester New
Rise, my soul, to watch and pray - LW301 - TLH446 - Straf mich nicht
Rise, shine, you people - HS871 - Wojtkiewiecz
Rise! To arms! With prayer employ you - LW303 - TLH444 - Wachet auf
Rock of ages, cleft for me - LW361 - TLH376 - Toplady
Saints, see the cloud of witnesses - HS840 - Wojtkiewiecz
Salvation unto us has come - LW355 - TLH377 - Es ist das Heil
Savior, again to Thy dear name we raise - LW221 - TLH047 - Ellers
Savior of the nations, come - LW013 - TLH095 - Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland
Savior, when in dust to Thee - LW093 - TLH166 - Aberystwyth
See amid the winter's snow - HS808 - Humility
See, the conqu'ror mounts in triumph - TLH218 - Rex gloriae
See this wonder in the making - HS842 - Tryggare kan ingen vara
Send, O Lord, Your Holy Spirit - LW263 - TLH491 - Werde munter
Sent forth by God's blessing - LW247 - The Ash Grove
Shepherd of tender youth - LW471 - TLH628 - Italian Hymn
Silent night, holy night - LW068 - TLH646 - Stille Nacht
Sing, my tongue, the glorious battle - LW117 - Fortunatus New
Sing praise to God, the highest good - LW452 - Lobt Gott den Herren, ihr
Sing praise to the God of Israel - HS908 - Den signede dag
Sing to the Lord of harvest - LW493 - Wie lieblich ist der Maien
Sing with all the saints in glory - HS839 - Mississippi
Son of God, eternal Savior - LW394 - In Babilone
Songs of thankfulness and praise - LW088 - TLH134 - St. George's,Windsor
Soul, adorn yourself with gladness - LW239 - TLH305 - Schmücke dich
Speak, O Lord, Your servant listens - LW339 - TLH296 - Werde munter
Stand up, stand up for Jesus - LW305 - TLH451 - Webb
Stars of the morning, so gloriously bright - LW190 - TLH255 - O quanta qualia
Stricken, smitten, and afflicted - LW116 - TLH153 - O mein Jesu, ich muss sterben

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