The New Lutheran Hymnal

Proposed hymns of the New Lutheran Hymnal (LCMS)
an aid for examining what's in and what's not - not all text or music files are available, because of copyright.
all arrangements are by © Rev. Richard Jordan
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O bless the Lord, my soul - LW457 - TLH027 - St. Thomas
O blessed, holy Trinity - LW479 - TLH541 - Steht auf, ihr lieben Kinderlein
O bride of Christ, rejoice - LW020 - TLH057 - Wo soll ich fliehen hin
O Christ, our true and only light - LW314 - TLH512 - O Jesu Christe, wahres Licht
O come, all ye faithful - LW041 - TLH102 - Adeste fideles
O come, O come, Emmanuel - LW031 - TLH062 - Veni Emmanuel
O darkest woe - LW122 - TLH167 - O Traurigkeit
O day full of grace that now we see - LW163 - Den signede dag
O dearest Jesus, what law hast Thou broken - LW119 - TLH143 - Herzliebster Jesu
O Father, all creating - LW251 - TLH621 - Aurelia
O gladsome Light, O grace - LW486 - TLH101 - Nunc dimittis
O God, forsake me not - LW372 - TLH402 - O Gott, du frommer Gott
O God, my faithful God - LW371 - TLH395 - O Gott, du frommer Gott
O God, O Lord of heav'n and earth - LW319 - Wittenberg New or new tune
O God of God, O Light of light - LW083 - TLH132 - O grosser Gott
O God of light, Your Word, a lamp unfailing - HS869 - Atkinson
O God of love, O King of peace - LW498 - New tune
O God of mercy, God of light - LW397 - TLH439 - Just As I Am
O Holy Spirit, enter in - LW160 - TLH235 - Wie schön leuchtet
O Jesus, blessed Lord, to Thee - LW245 - TLH309 - Old Hundreth
O Jesus Christ, Thy manger is - HS814 - In paradisum
O Light whose splendor thrills and gladdens - HSp18 - St. Clement
O little flock, fear not the foe - LW300 - TLH263 - Kommt her zu mir
O little town of Bethlehem - LW060 - TLH647 - St. Louis
O little town of Bethlehem - LW059 - Forest Green
O living Bread from heaven - LW244 - TLH316 - Ach Gott vom Himmelreiche
O Lord, how shall I meet You - LW019 - TLH058 - Wie soll ich dich empfangen
O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder - LW519 - O store Gud
O Lord, now let Your servant - HSp14 - Kuortane
O Lord, throughout these forty days - LW092 - Caithness
O Lord, we praise Thee - LW238 - TLH313 - Gott sei gelobet und gebenedeiet
O Morning Star, how fair and bright - LW073 - Wie schön leuchtet
O perfect life of love - TLH170 - Southwell
O rejoice, ye Christians, loudly - LW040 - TLH096 - Freuet euch, ihr Christen
O sacred Head, now wounded - LW113 - TLH172 - Herzlich tut mich (rhythmic)
O sacred Head, now wounded - LW113 - TLH172 - Herzlich tut mich (isorhythmic)
O Savior of our fallen race - LW045 - New tune
O Savior, precious Savior - LW282 - TLH352 - Angel's Story
O Savior, rend the heavens wide - LW032 - O Heiland, reiss die Himmel auf
O sons and daughters of the King - TLH208 - Gelobt sei Gott
O sons and daughters of the King - LW130 - O filii et filiae
O splendor of the Father's light - LW481 - TLH550 - Splendor paternae
O Trinity, O blessed Light - LW487 - TLH564 - Steht auf, ihr lieben Kinderlein
O Word of God incarnate - LW335 - TLH294 - Munich
Of the Father's love begotten - LW036 - TLH098 - Divinum mysterium
Oh, blest the house, whate'er befall - LW467 - TLH625 - Wo Gott zum Haus
Oh, for a thousand tongues to sing - LW276 - TLH360 - Beatitudo
Oh, how blest are they whose toils are ended - LW268 - TLH589 - O wie selig
Oh, how great is Your compassion - LW364 - TLH384 - Ach, was soll ich Sünder machen
Oh, love, how deep, how broad, how high - LW275 - Deo gracias
Oh, sing to the Lord - HS900 - Cantad al Señor
Oh, that I had a thousand voices - LW448 - TLH030 - O dass ich tausend Zungen hätte (König)
Oh, that the Lord would guide my ways - LW392 - TLH416 - Evan
Oh, wondrous type! Oh, vision fair - LW087 - Deo gracias
Oh, worship the King, all-glorious above - LW458 - TLH017 - Hanover
On Christ's ascension I now build - LW150 - TLH216 - Nun freut euch
On Galilee's high mountain - LW320 - TLH495 - Missionary Hymn
On Jordan's bank the Baptist's cry - LW014 - TLH063 - Puer nobis
On my heart imprint Thine image - LW100 - TLH179 - Der am Kreuz
On what has now been sown - LW217 - TLH046 - Darwall's 148th
Once He came in blessing - LW030 - TLH074 - Gottes Sohn ist kommen
Once in royal David's city - LW058 - Irby
One thing's needful; Lord, this treasure - LW277 - TLH366 - Eins is not
Onward, Christian soldiers - LW518 - TLH658 - St. Gertrude
Open now Thy gates of beauty - LW198 - TLH001 - Unser Herrscher
Our Father, by whose name - LW465 - Rhosymedre
Our Father, who from heav'n above - LW431 - TLH458 - Vater unser
Our God, our help in ages past - LW180 - TLH123 - St. Anne
Our Paschal lamb, that sets us free - HS830 - Region Three

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