The New Lutheran Hymnal

Proposed hymns of the New Lutheran Hymnal (LCMS)
an aid for examining what's in and what's not - not all text or music files are available, because of copyright.
all arrangements are by © Rev. Richard Jordan
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I am content! My Jesus ever lives - LW145 - TLH196 - Es ist genug
I am Jesus' little lamb - LW517 - TLH648 - Weil ich Jesu Schäflein bin
I am trusting Thee, Lord Jesus - LW408 - TLH428 - Stephanos
I bind unto myself today - LW172 - St. Patrick's Breastplate
I come, O Savior, to Thy Table - LW242 - TLH315 - Ich sterbe täglich
I know my faith is founded - LW354 - TLH381 - Nun lob, mein Seel
I know that my Redeemer lives - LW264 - TLH200 - Duke Street
I leave all things to God's direction - LW429 - TLH529 - Wer nur den lieben Gott
I love Your kingdom, Lord - LW296 - TLH462 - St. Thomas
I trust, O Christ, in You alone - LW357 - Allein zu dir
I walk in danger all the way - LW391 - TLH413 - Der lieben Sonne Licht und Pracht
I will sing my maker's praises - LW439 - TLH025 - Sollt ich meinem Gott
If God Himself be for me - LW407 - TLH528 - Ist Gott für mich
If thou but suffer God to guide thee - LW420 - TLH518 - Wer nur den lieben Gott
If Your beloved Son, O God - TLH375 - Nun freut euch
I'm but a stranger here - LW515 - TLH660 - Heaven Is My Home
In Adam we have all been one - LW292 - The Saints' Delight
In God, my faithful God - LW421 - TLH526 - Auf meinen lieben Gott
In His temple now behold Him - LW186 - TLH139 - Westminster Abbey
In peace and joy I now depart - LW185 - TLH137 - Mit Fried und Freud
In the cross of Christ I glory - LW101 - TLH354 - Rathbun
In the very midst of life - LW265 - TLH590 - Mitten wir im Leben sind
In Thee is gladness - LW442 - In dir ist Freude
In You, Lord, I have put my trust - LW406 - TLH524 - In dich hab ich gehoffet
Infant holy, infant lowly - HS812 - W zl.obie lezy
Isaiah, mighty seer in days of old - LW214 - TLH249 - Jesaia, dem Propheten
Jerusalem, my happy home - LW307 - TLH618 - Land of Rest
Jerusalem the golden - LW309 - TLH613 - Ewing
Jesus Christ is risen today - LW127 - TLH199 - Easter Hymn
Jesus Christ, my sure defense - LW266 - TLH206 - Jesus, meine Zuversicht
Jesus Christ, our blessed Savior - LW237 - TLH311 - Jesus Christus, unser Heiland
Jesus, grant that balm and healing - LW095 - TLH144 - Der am Kreuz
Jesus has come and brings pleasure - LW078 - Jesus ist kommen
Jesus, I will ponder now - LW109 - TLH140 - Jesu Kreuz, Leiden und Pein
Jesus, in Your dying woes - LW112 - TLH180 - Septem verba
Jesus, lead Thou on - LW386 - TLH410 - Seelenbräutigam
Jesus lives, the vict'ry's won - LW139 - TLH201 - Jesus, meine Zuversicht
Jesus! Name of wondrous love - LW182 - TLH114 - Gott sei Dank
Jesus on the mountain peak - HS818 - Seward
Jesus, priceless treasure - LW270 - TLH347 - Jesu, meine Freude
Jesus, refuge of the weary - LW090 - TLH145 - O du Liebe meiner Liebe
Jesus sat with His disciples - HS912 - Joyous Light
Jesus shall reign where'er the sun - LW312 - TLH511 - Duke Street
Jesus sinners doth receive - LW229 - TLH324 - Meinem Jesum lass' ich nicht
Jesus, Thy blood and righteousness - LW362 - TLH371 - St. Crispin
Jesus, Thy boundless love to me - LW280 - TLH349 - Ryburn
Joy to the world - LW053 - TLH087 - Antioch
Just as I am, without one plea - LW359 - TLH388 - Woodworth
Kyrie, God, Father in heav'n above - LW209 - TLH006 - Kyrie, Gott Vater

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