Folk Christmas
Folk Passion
Country Western

While I have always had an interest in music, it has remained in the background most of my life. The pivotal events which led to this collection, was first, working on midi files for The Lutheran Hymnal, (where I realized how little of the music I really knew) and then working on the midi files for JS Bach's Organbuchlein - which were a great inspiration and helped me get a better handle of music theory. Finally when Rev. Earl Pierce was talking about trends in mission development, particularly in contemporary sounding music, (knowing that there little that was theologically Lutheran in the contemporary Christian Music scene) I thought, perhaps I can see if we can take a traditional hymn and give it a modern sound. The first victim was "A Mighty Fortress" which was done in a country-western style. This was received quite well, and encouraged me to continue. What followed were folk arrangements for Christmas, and then for  the Lent - Easter season. Feeling somewhat bold, I then started to do some new organ arrangements while still continuing with more contemporary country and rock, especially as the e-mail kept requesting more.

I realize that  some may be shocked or dismayed at the mixture, but it seems right that all God's people should have music which speaks their language. I do not claim  that any of this is great, my prayer is that it will encourage others more gifted to give some attention to the music of faith and the church.

Finally, I should add that all the pieces were prepared for Roland Soundcanvas synthesizers, soundcards or  software-sythesizers. As a result they may not sound as intended, or may just sound rotten on other equiptment... I am afraid this is unavoidable, but at the time, the Roland Soundcanvas was the closest thing to a standard that there was..