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Celtic Organ
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If there is sufficient interest work will begin on a 6th album.
Musical Scores for all these {and more) hymns are available.

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The Celtic Organ

Someone once asked, "If you were not arranging hymns, what yould you like to do?"
 And it came into my mind that besides hymns, one needs preludes and postludes,
offertories and wedding recessionals - and that is how these came to be.
I liked them well enough, that I recorded an album
which is called "The Celtic Organ"
 these are a selection from that album - these files do require a Roland Soundcanvas
My arrangement of Turlough O'Carolan's Harp tune
Planxty Fanny Powers
my original organ march
or another recessional based on a traditional Irish tune
Falling Leaves
here is
 Berry Dohne
and this is
Custy's Jig
this is called
Father's Pride
while this is the popular
Haste to the Wedding

 here's a new one,
  My Favorite Flute
 more may become available in time
 (actually there are over 60 which ar not online)

For Those without a Soundcanvas, I invite you to visit My MP3 site
There you will find the first album "The Celtic Organ"
and the second album "Dance Till Dawn"
as well as a 3 more albums

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