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O blessed day when first was poured    115     Lyrics
O blessed Holy Trinity     541     Lyrics
O blessed home where man and wife     624     Lyrics
O bride of Christ, rejoice     57     Lyrics
O Christ, our true and only Light     512     Lyrics
O Christ, Thou Lamb of God     147     Lyrics
O Christ, who art the Light and Day     559     Lyrics
O darkest woe     167     Lyrics
O day of rest and gladness    9     Lyrics
O dearest Jesus, what law hast Thou broken     143     Lyrics
O faithful God, thanks be to Thee     321     Lyrics
O Father, all creating     621     Lyrics
O gladsome Light, 0 Grace     101     Lyrics
O God, be with us     556     Lyrics
O God, forsake me not     402     Lyrics
O God of God, 0 Light of Light    132     Lyrics
O God of Jacob, by whose hand     434     Lyrics
O God of mercy, God of might     439     Lyrics
O God, our Lord, Thy holy Word     266     Lyrics
O God, Thou faithful God     395     Lyrics
O happy home     626     Lyrics
O Holy Spirit, enter in     235     Lyrics
O Holy Spirit, grant us grace     293     Lyrics
O Jesus, blessed Lord, to Thee     309     Lyrics
O Jesus Christ, Thy manger is     81     Lyrics
O Jesus, King most wonderful     361     Lyrics
O Jesus, King of Glory     130     Lyrics
O Jesus, Lamb of God, Thou art     328     Lyrics
O little flock, fear not the Foe     263     Lyrics
O little town of Bethlehem     647     Lyrics
O living Bread from heaven     316     Lyrics
O Lord, how shall I meet Thee     58     58a     Lyrics
O Lord, I sing with lips and heart     569     Lyrics
O Lord, look down from heaven     260     Lyrics
O Lord, my God, I cry to Thee     600     Lyrics
O Lord of heaven and earth and sea     443     Lyrics
O Lord of hosts, whose glory fills     633     Lyrics
O Lord, our Father, shall we be confounded     269     Lyrics
O Lord, our Father, thanks to Thee     124     Lyrics
O Lord, we praise Thee     313     Lyrics
O Lord, we welcome Thee     93     Lyrics
O Lord, whose bounteous hand again     567     Lyrics
O Love, who madest me to wear     397     Lyrics
O perfect life of love    170     Lyrics
O perfect Love     623     Lyrics
O sacred Head, now wounded    172     Lyrics
O Savior, precious Savior     352     Lyrics
O Spirit of the living God     504     Lyrics
O Splendor of God's glory bright     550     Lyrics
O Thou from whom all goodness flows     515     Lyrics
O Thou Love unbounded     42     Lyrics
O Thou that hear'est when sinners cry     325     Lyrics
O Thou whose feet have climbed life's hill     486     Lyrics
O Trinity, most blessed Light     564     Lyrics
O Word of God Incarnate     294     Lyrics
O'er Jerusalem Thou weepest     419     Lyrics
O'er the distant mountains breaking    606     Lyrics
O'er the gloomy hills of darkness     505     Lyrics
Of the Father's love begotten     98     Lyrics
Oh, bless the Lord, my soul     27     Lyrics
Oh, blest the house, whate'er befall     625     Lyrics
Oh, come, all ye faithful     102     Lyrics
Oh, come, Oh, come, Emmanuel     62     Lyrics
Oh, enter, Lord, Thy temple     228     Lyrics
Oh, for a faith that will not shrink     396     Lyrics
Oh, for a thousand tongues to sing     360     Lyrics
Oh, how blest are ye     589     Lyrics
Oh, how great is Thy compassion     384     Lyrics
Oh, rejoice, ye Christians, loudly     96     Lyrics
Oh, sing with exaltation     217     Lyrics
Oh, that I had a thousand voices     30     Lyrics
Oh, that I had a thousand voices     243     Lyrics
Oh, that the Lord would guide my ways     416     Lyrics
Oh, worship the King    17     Lyrics
On Christ's ascension I now build    216     Lyrics
On Jordan's bank the Baptist's cry     63     Lyrics
On my heart imprint Thine image     179     Lyrics
On what has now been sown    46     Lyrics
Once He came in blessing    74     Lyrics
One thing's needful     366     Lyrics
One Thy Light, the Temple filling    641     Lyrics
Onward, Christian soldiers    658     Lyrics
Open now thy gates of beauty    1     Lyrics
Our blessed Savior seven times spoke     177     Lyrics
Our Father, Thou in heaven above     458     Lyrics
Our God, our Help in ages past     123     Lyrics
Our heavenly Father, hear     455     Lyrics
Our Lord and God, oh, bless this day     337     Lyrics
Out of the deep I call     327     Lyrics
Pour out Thy Spirit from on high     490     Lyrics
Praise God, from whom all blessings flow     644     Lyrics
Praise God the Lord, ye sons of men     105     Lyrics
Praise, oh, praise, our God and King     570     Lyrics
Praise the Almighty, my soul     26     Lyrics
Praise to God, immortal praise     572     Lyrics
Praise to the Lord, the Almighty     39     Lyrics
Praise to Thee and adoration     401     Lyrics
Praise we the Lord this day     274     Lyrics
Prayer is the soul's sincere desire     454     Lyrics
Preserve Thy Word, 0 Savior     264     Lyrics

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