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May God bestow on us His grace     500     Lyrics
May we Thy precepts, Lord, fulfill     412     Lyrics
Morning breaks upon the tomb     203     Lyrics
My course is run     599     Lyrics
My faith looks up to Thee     394     Lyrics
My God, accept my heart this day     336     Lyrics
My God, my Father, make me strong    424     Lyrics
My God, my Father, while I stray     418     Lyrics
My hope is built on nothing less     370     Lyrics
My inmost heart now raises     548     Lyrics
My Jesus, as Thou wilt     420     Lyrics
My Maker, be Thou nigh     335     Lyrics
My Savior sinners doth receive     386     Lyrics
My soul, be on thy guard     449     Lyrics
My soul doth magnify the Lord     275     Lyrics
My soul, now bless thy Maker     34     Lyrics
My soul's best Friend, what joy and blessing     362     362v     Lyrics
My spirit on Thy care     435     Lyrics
Nearer, my God, to Thee     533     Lyrics
Not all the blood of beasts     156     Lyrics
Not what these hands have done     389     Lyrics
Now are the days fulfilled     99     Lyrics
Now I have found the firm foundation     385     Lyrics
Now let all loudly sing praise     28     Lyrics
Now let us come before Him     122     Lyrics
Now may He who from the dead     51     Lyrics
Now praise we Christ, the Holy One     104     Lyrics
Now rest beneath night's shadow:     554     Lyrics
Now sing we, now rejoice     92     Lyrics
Now thank we all our God     36     Lyrics
Now that the day hath reached its close     561     Lyrics
Now the day is over     654     Lyrics
Now, the hour of worship o'er     45     Lyrics
Now the light has gone away     653     Lyrics
Now the shades of night are gone     538     Lyrics

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