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I am content! My Jesus liveth still     196     Lyrics
1 am Jesus' little lamb     648     Lyrics
1 am trusting Thee, Lord Jesus     428     Lyrics
I come, 0 Savior, to Thy Table     315     Lyrics
I come to Thee, 0 blessed Lord     330     Lyrics
I do not come because my soul     379     Lyrics
I fall asleep in Jesus' wounds     585     Lyrics
I gave My life for thee     405     Lyrics
I heard the voice of Jesus say     277     Lyrics
I know my faith is founded     381     Lyrics
I know of a sleep in Jesus' name     592     Lyrics
I know that my Redeemer lives     200     Lyrics
I lay my sins on Jesus     652     Lyrics
I leave all things to God's direction     529     Lyrics
I love Thy kingdom, Lord     462     Lyrics
I pray Thee, dear Lord Jesus     655     Lyrics
I walk in danger all the way     413     Lyrics
I will sing my Maker's praises     25     Lyrics
I would not live alway     588     Lyrics
If God had not been on our side     267     Lyrics
If God Himself be for me     528     Lyrics
If thou but suffer God to guide thee     518     Lyrics
If Thy beloved Son, 0 God     375     Lyrics
I'm but a stranger here     660     Lyrics
In God, my faithful God     526     Lyrics
In His temple now behold Him     139     Lyrics
In hope my soul, redeemed to bliss unending     432     Lyrics
In loud, exalted strains     638     Lyrics
In one true God we all believe     253     Lyrics
In peace and joy I now depart     137     Lyrics
In the Cross of Christ I glory     354     Lyrics
In the hour of trial     516     Lyrics
In the midst of earthly life     590     Lyrics
In the name which earth and heaven     632     Lyrics
In the resurrection     603     Lyrics
In Thee alone, 0 Christ, my Lord     319     Lyrics
In Thee, Lord, have I put my trust     524     Lyrics
Invited, Lord, by boundless grace     308     Lyrics
Isaiah, mighty seer, in days of old     249     Lyrics
It is not death to die     602     Lyrics
Jehovah, let me now adore Thee     21     Lyrics
Jerusalem, my happy home     618     Lyrics
Jerusalem the golden     613     Lyrics
Jerusalem, thou city fair and high     619     Lyrics
Jesus, all our ransom paid     185     Lyrics
Jesus, all Thy labor vast     186     Lyrics
Jesus! and shall it ever be     346     Lyrics
Jesus, Brightness of the Father     257     Lyrics
Jesus calls us: o'er the tumult     270     Lyrics
Jesus came, the heavens adoring     56     Lyrics
Jesus Christ is risen today, Alleluia!     199     Lyrics
Jesus Christ, my Pride and Glory     408     Lyrics
Jesus Christ, my sure Defense     206     Lyrics
Jesus Christ, our blessed Savior     311     Lyrics
Jesus Christ, our Lord most holy     169     Lyrics
Jesus, grant that balm and healing     144     Lyrics
Jesus, I live to Thee     591     Lyrics
Jesus, I my cross have taken     423     Lyrics
Jesus I will never leave     365     Lyrics
Jesus, I will ponder now     140     Lyrics
Jesus, in Thy dying woes     180     Lyrics
Jesus, in Thy thirst and pain     184     Lyrics
Jesus, Jesus, only Jesus     348     Lyrics
Jesus, lead Thou on     410     Lyrics
Jesus lives! The victory's won     201     Lyrics
Jesus, Lover of my soul     345     Lyrics
Jesus, loving to the end     182     Lyrics
Jesus, my great High Priest     220     Lyrics
Jesus, my Truth, my Way     433     Lyrics
Jesus! Name of wondrous love     114     Lyrics
Jesus, pitying the sighs     181     Lyrics
Jesus, priceless Treasure     347     Lyrics
Jesus, Refuge of the weary     145     Lyrics
Jesus, Savior, come to me     356     Lyrics
Jesus, Savior, pilot me     649     Lyrics
Jesus shall reign where'er the sun     511     Lyrics
Jesus sinners doth receive     324     Lyrics
Jesus the very thought of Thee     350     Lyrics
Jesus, Thou art mine forever     357     Lyrics
Jesus, Thy blood and righteousness     371     Lyrics
Jesus, Thy boundless love to me     349     Lyrics
Jesus, Thy Church with longing eyes     64     Lyrics
Jesus, whelmed in fears unknown     183     Lyrics
Joy to the world, the Lord is come     87     Lyrics
Judge eternal, throned in splendor     576     Lyrics
Just as I am,.without one plea     388     388b     Lyrics

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