Meter Index for TLH LW LBW
meter tune name Title TLH # LW # LBW #
C.M.AntiochJoy to the World875339
C.M.AzmonOh, For a Thousand Tongues to Sing

C.M.BangorGod Moves in a Mysterious Way

C.M.BeautidoOh, For a Thousand Tongues to Sing360276
C.M.BedfordFather of Mercies, in Thy Word284

C.M.BelmontThe Lord's My Shepherd436416
C.M.BurfordAlmighty Lord, before Thy Throne579

C.M.BurfordPrayer is the Soul's Sincere Desire454

C.M.CaithnessO Lord, throughout these Forty Days
C.MChesterfieldHark the Glad Sound!662935
C.M.ClarivauxJesus, the Very Thought of Thee350

C.M.ConsolationThe King Shall Come When Morning Dawns
C.M.CoronationAll Hail the Power of Jesus' Name339272328
C.M.CowperThere Is a Fountain Filled with Blood157506
C.M.DetroitForgive our Sins as We Forgive

C.M.DetroitFather of Mercies, in Your Word

C.M.Domine clamaviWhy do we Mourn Departing Friends593

C.M.DundeeAlmighty God, Thy Word Is Cast49

C.M.DundeeGod Moves in a Mysterious Way514426
C.M.DundeeMy God, How Wonderful Thou Art

C.M.DundeeO Thou Whose Feet Have Climbed Life's Hill486

C.M.DundeeYou Are the Way; to You Alone
C.M.DundeeThou Art the Way
C.M.EvanOh, That the Lord Would Guide My Ways416392480
C.M.FarrantLord, Lead the Way the Savior Went440

C.M.Hiding PlaceO Jesus, King Most Wonderful
C.M.HorsleyThere Is a Fountain Filled with Blood157

C.M.Ich singe dirO Christ, our Hope, our Heart's Desire
C.M.Ich singe dirO Lord, I Sing with Lips and Heart569

C.M.Ich singe dirRejoice, my Heart, be Glad and Sing535424
C.M.Ich singe dirThrough all the Changing Scenes29

C.M.Ich singe dirWe Sing the Almighty Power of God43441
C.M.Jeger saa gladI Am so Glad When Christmas Comes
C.M.Jer er saa gladI Am so Glad Each Christmas Eve

C.M.LeupoldO God, Whose Will Is Life and Good
C.M.Lobt Gott, ihr ChristenThe People That in Darkness Sat10677
C.M.Lewis-TownO Son of God, in Galilee

C.M.MartyrdomAs Pants the Hart for Cooling Streams

C.M.Nun danket all'All Ye Who on this Earth do Dwell581

C.M.Nun danket all'Come, Let us Join our Cheerful Songs344204254
C.M.Nun danket all'Father of Glory, to Thy Name248

C.M.Nun danket all'Let Children Hear the Mighty Deeds629472
C.M.Nun danket all'This is the Day the Lord Hath Made10200
C.M.Nun sich der Tag geendet hatNow that the Day Hath Reached its Close561

C.M.PerryThis Is the Spirit's Entry Now

C.M.Song 67Lord, Teach us How to Pray Aright

C.M.Song 67O Fount of Good, for All Your Love
C.M.SpohrApproach, my Soul, the Mercy Seat456

C.M.SpohrAs Pants the Hart for Cooling Streams525

C.M.St PeterHow Shall the Young Secure Their Hearts286474
C.M.St PeterHow Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds364279345
C.M.St PeterOh, For a Faith That Will Not Shrink396

C.M.St PeterO God of Jacob

C.M.St. AgnesJesus, the Very Thought of Thee

C.M.St. AnneBehold the Sure Foundation Stone460

C.M.St. AnneLamp of our Feet Whereby We Trace291

C.M.St. AnneO God, our Help in Ages Past

C.M.St. AnneOur God, Our Help in Ages Past123180320
C.M.St. BernardAll that I Was, my Sin, my Guilt378

C.M.St. BernardLord, it Belongs not to my Care527

C.M.St. FlavianAlmighty God, Thy Word Is Cast
C.M.St. FlavianLord, When we Bend Before Thy Throne22

C.M.St. FlavianLord, While for All Mankind We Pray578502
C.M.St. FlavianThe Saints on Earth and Those Above478

C.M.St. MagnusThe Head that Once was Crowned with Thorns219
C.M.St. MagnusWe Praise You, Lord, for Jesus Christ

C.M.St. PeterJerusalem, my Happy Home618

C.M.St. SaviorO God of Jacob, by Whose Hand434

C.M.The Saint's DelightIn Adam We Have All Been One
C.M.Twenty-FourthLove Consecrates the Humblest Act

C.M.Twenty-FourthWhen Charity and Love Prevail

C.M.Twenty-FourthO Son of God, in Galilee
C.M.Twenty-FourthO Thou Who Once in Galilee
C.M.VenerableFor Perfect Love So Freely Spent

C.M.Winchester OldAm I a Soldier of the Cross445

C.M.Winchester OldMy God, Accept my Heart this Day336

C.M.Winchester OldWhen All Thy Mercies, O My God31196264
C.M.WindsorBehold, the Savior of Mankind176

C.M.WindsorThere Is a Green Hill Far Away

C.M.DCarolIt Came upon the Midnight Clear
C.M.DRegwalAs Saints of Old Their First Fruits Brought

C.M.D.1846I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say277

C.M.D.All Saints NewThe Son of God Goes Forth to War452304183
C.M.D.BethlehemLord, Who at Cana's Wedding Feast620

C.M.D.BethlehemWhile Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night109

C.M.D.KingdsfoldAnd Have the Bright Immensities

C.M.D.Old 107thThe Lord Will Come and Not Be Slow

C.M.D.Old 107thThine Arm, O Lord, in Days of Old

C.M.D.Old 107thYour Hand, O Lord, in Days of Old
C.M.D.RegwalAs Men of Old Their First Fruits Brought

C.M.D.ResignationLord, When You Came As Welcome Guest
C.M.D.Wellington SquareO God, Empower Us to Stem

C.M.D.While Shepherds WatchedWhile Shepherds Watched
L.M.A solis ortus cardineFrom East to West, from Shore to Shore

L.M.AbendsReturn, O Wanderer, Return280

L.M.Ach bleib bei unsLord Jesus Christ, Will You Not Stay
L.M.Ach bleib bei unsLord Jesus Christ, With Us Abide292344
L.M.Ach bleib bei unsWhere Wilt Thou Go since Night Draws Near197

L.M.Ack, bliv hos ossO God of Love, O King of Peace
L.M.AngelusAt Even When the Sun Did Set557

L.M.AngelusFather of Heaven, Whose Love242

L.M.AngelusNature with Open Volume Stands

L.M.AngelusO Blessed Day When First Was Poured115

L.M.Beatus virLord of All Nations, Grant me Grace

L.M.BourbonIt Happened on that Fateful Night

L.M.CanonburyLord, Speak to Us, that We May Speak

L.M.CannockO God of Life's Great Mystery

L.M.Christe RedemptorO Savior of our Fallen Race
L.M.Christe, der du bist Tag und LichtO Christ, Who Art the Light and Day559
L.M.Christum wir sollen loben schonFrom East to West, from Shore to Shore
L.M.Christum wir sollen loben schonNow Praise we Christ, the Holy One104

L.M.Das walt' Gott VaterInvited, Lord, by Boundless Grace308

L.M.Das walt' Gott VaterSweet Flowerets of the Martyr Band273188
L.M.Deo GraciasOh, Love, How Deep, How Broad, How High
L.M.Deo graciasOh, Wondrous Type! Oh, Vision Fair
L.M.Det kimer nu til julefestThe Bells of Christmas Chime Once More

L.M.Det kimer nu til julefestThe Happy Christmas Comes Once More

L.M.Deus Tuorum MilitumFrom God the Father, Virgin-Born
L.M.Die helle Sonn leuchtGod Loved the World so that He Gave
L.M.Die helle Sonn' leucht'tThe Radiant Sun Shines in the Skies547

L.M.DistressUpon Thy Table, Lord, We Place

L.M.DistressWe Place Upon Your Table, Lord

L.M.DonataSpirit of God, Unleashed on Earth

L.M.Duke StreetGive to Our God Immortal Praise

L.M.Duke StreetI Know that my Redeemer Lives200264352
L.M.Erhalt uns HerrLord, Keep us Steadfast in Thy Word261334230
L.M.Erhalt uns, HerrArm These Thy Soldiers, Mighty Lord332

L.M.Erhalt uns, HerrLord, Open Thou my Heart to Hear5197
L.M.Erhalt uns, HerrThe Law of God is Good and Wise295329
L.M.Erhalt uns, HerrThine Honor Save, O Christ our Lord265

L.M.Federal StreetJesus! and Shall it ever Be346393
L.M.Federal StreetJesus! Oh, How Could it be True
L.M.Gonfalon RoyalLook from Thy Sphere of Endless Day

L.M.Gottlob, es geht nunmehr zu EndeThe Death of Jesus Christ, our Lord163107
L.M.Grace ChurchLord Jesus Christ, We Humbly Pray

L.M.Grosser GottGod of our Life, All Glorious Lord

L.M.HamburgBehold a Stranger at the Door650

L.M.HamburgO Thou That Hear'st When Sinners Cry325

L.M.HamburgWhen I Survey the Wondrous Cross175114482
L.M.Her Kommer Dine Arme SmaaThy Little Ones, Dear Lord, Are We

L.M.Herr Jesu Christ, dichDear Father, Who Hast Made us All299

L.M.Herr Jesu Christ, dichLord Jesus Christ, Be Present Now3201253
L.M.Herr Jesu Christ, dichLord Jesus Christ, We Humbly Pray314250
L.M.Herr Jesu Christ, dichThe Gospel Shows the Father's Grace297330
L.M.Herr Jesu Christ, dichThe Old Year Now Hath Passed Away125

L.M.Herr Jesu Christ, dich zu uns wendYou Parents, Hear What Jesus Taught
L.M.Herr Jesu Christ, mein'sAs We Begin Another Week7

L.M.Herr Jesu Christ, mein'sRenew me, O Eternal Light398373511
L.M.Herr Jesu Christ, mein'sWe Bid Thee Welcome in the Name484262
L.M.Herr Jesu Christ, Wahr Mensch und GottThe Royal Banners Forward Go
L.M.Herr Jesu Christ,mein'sLord, Help us Ever to Retain288477
L.M.Herr, wie du willstJesus Shall Reign Where'er the Sun511312530
L.M.HursleySun of My Soul, Thou Savior Dear551488
L.M.Jam LucisBefore the Ending of the Day
L.M.Jam LucisTo You, Before the Close of Day

L.M.Komm, Gott SchopferCome Holy Ghost, Creator Blest233157473
L.M.Komm, Gott SchopferCome Holy Ghost, Creator Blest233
L.M.Komm, Gott SchopferCome, Holy Ghost, our Souls Inspire
L.M.Komm, Gott SchopferCreator Spirit, Heavenly Dove
L.M.Komm, Gott SchopferLord God, to You we all Give Praise
L.M.LakewoodForth in Your Name, O Lord, I Go
L.M.LaurelNow that the Daylight Fills the Sky

L.M.LledrodForth in the Peace of Christ We Go
L.M.Lob sei dem allmachtigen GottGreat God, a Blessing from Your Throne

L.M.MarytonO Master, Let Me Walk with You

L.M.MelcombeO Spirit of the Living God504
L.M.MendonFight the Good Fight447

L.M.MendonFounded on Thee, our only Lord637

L.M.MendonGreat God, We Sing that Mighty Hand119

L.M.MendonHere in Thy Name, Eternal God635

L.M.MendonThee, We Adore, Eternal Lord!

L.M.Morning HymnAwake, my Soul, and with the Sun536478269
L.M.Nun lasst uns den LeibThis Body in the Grave we Lay596

L.M.Nun lasst uns den Lieb begrabenTake Up Your Cross, the Savior Said
L.M.O Heiland, reiss die Himmel aufO Savior, Rend the Heavens Wide
L.M.O Heiland, reisse die Himmel aufPreach You the Word, and Plant it Home
L.M.O Heilge DreifaltigkeitAwake, my Soul, to Joyful Lays340

L.M.O Heilige DreifaltigkeitAlmighty Father, Heaven and Earth438

L.M.O Heilige DreifaltigkeitO Blessed Holy Trinity541

L.M.O Heilige DreifaltigkeitO Lord of Hosts, Whose Glory Fills633

L.M.O Heilige DreifaltigkeitO Splendor of God's Glory Bright550

L.M.O Heilige DreifaltigkeitO Trinity, Most Blessed Light564
L.M.O Jesu Christ mein'sLord Jesus Christ, My Life, My Light148

L.M.O Jesu Christ mein'sWe Sing the Praise of Him Who Died178

L.M.O Jesu Christ, mein'sBlest Is the Man Forever Blest392

L.M.O Jesu Christ, mein'sJesus, Thy Church with Longing Eyes64

L.M.O Jesu Christ, mein'sO Christ, our True and only Light512

L.M.O Jesu Christ, mein'sPour out Thy Spirit from on High490

L.M.O Jesu Christe, wahres LichtJesus, Thy Blood and Righteousness

L.M.O Jesu Christe, Wahres LichtO Christ, our Light, O Radiance True
L.M.OakleyO Christ, Our King, Creator, Lord

L.M.Old HundredthAll People that on Earth Do Dwell14435245
L.M.Old HundredthAlmighty Father, Bless the Word52216
L.M.Old HundredthBefore Jehovah's Aweful Throne13454531
L.M.Old HundredthO Jesus, Blessed Lord, to Thee309245
L.M.Old HundredthPraise God, from Whom All Blessings Flow644461564
L.M.Old HundredthThe Law Commands and Makes Us Know289

L.M.Old HundrethFrom All That Dwell Below the Skies

L.M.Old HundrethO Jesus, Blessed Lord, my Praise
L.M.Puer NobisFrom Heaven Came the Angels Bright
L.M.Puer nobis nasciturOn Jordan's Bank the Baptist's Cry631436
L.M.Puer NobisWhen Christ's Appearing Was Made Known
L.M.RestAsleep in Jesus! Blessed Sleep587

L.M.Rockingham OldWhen I Survey the Wondrous Cross175114482
L.M.SolothurnHow Blessed Is this Place, O Lord

L.M.Song 34My Soul Now Magnifies the Lord
L.M.Song 34My Soul doth Magnify the Lord
L.M.Splendor PaternaeO Splendor of the Father's Light
L.M.St. CrispinAn Awe-ful Mystery Is Here304

L.M.St. CrispinGod Loved the World so that He Gave245

L.M.St. CrispinJesus, Thy Blood and Righteousness371362
L.M.St. CrispinJust As I Am, Without one Plea388

L.M.St. CrispinLook from Thy Sphere of Endless Day499

L.M.St. CrossTwas on that Dark, that Doleful Night164

L.M.St. LukeAs Surely As I Live, God Said
L.M.St. LukeThy Ways, O Lord, with Wise Design530

L.M.St. LukeWith Broken Heart and Contrite Sigh323

L.M.St. LukeYea, as I Live, Jehovah Saith331235
L.M.Steht auf, ihr Lieben KinderleinHow Blessed Is this Place, O Lord
L.M.Steht auf, ihr Lieben KinderleinO Holy, Blessed Trinity
L.M.Steht auf, ihr Lieben KinderleinO Trinity, Most Blessed Light
L.M.Sussex CarolOn Christmas Night all Christians Sing
L.M.Tallis' CanonLord Jesus Christ, the Children's Friend
L.M.Tallis' CanonMay God the Father of our Lord
L.M.Tender ThoughtO Jesus, Blessed Lord, to Thee

L.M.The King's MajestyRide on, Ride on, in Majesty
L.M.Truth from AboveO Chief of Cities, Bethlehem
L.M.Truth from AboveEarth Has Many a Noble City

L.M.Tryggare kan ingen varaChildren of the Heavenly Father

L.M.UxbridgeThis Child We Dedicate to Thee303227
L.M.UxbridgeThis Child We Now Present to You
L.M.Veni Creator SpiritusCome, Holy Ghost, our Souls Inspire
L.M.Veni, Creator SpiritusCome, Holy Ghost, Our Souls Inspire
L.M.Vexilla RegisThe Royal Banners Forward Go168104
L.M.Vexilla RegisThe Royal Banners Forward Go168103
L.M.Vexilla RegisThe Royal Banners Forward Go
L.M.Vom Himmel hochHosanna to the Living Lord70

L.M.Vom Himmel hochWelcome to Earth, O Noble Guest
L.M.WaltonO Jesus, Joy of Loving Hearts

L.M.WaltonWhere Cross the Crowded Ways of Life

L.M.WarehamCome, Gracious Spirit, Heav'nly Dove

L.M.WarehamCome, Gracious Spirit, Heavenly Dove
L.M.WarehamCome, Jesus, from the Sapphire Throne634

L.M.WarehamLet Thoughtless Thousands Choose608

L.M.WarehamThe Church of Christ in Ev'ry Age

L.M.WeimarO Jesus, Lamb of God Thou Art328

L.M.Wenn wir in hochsten NotGod of My Life, to Thee I Call534

L.M.Wenn wir in hochsten NotenAll Mankind Fell in Adam's Fall369363
L.M.Wenn wir in hochsten NotenEnslaved by Sin and Bound in Chains141

L.M.Wenn wir in hochsten NotenI Come to Thee, O Blessed Lord330

L.M.Wenn wir in hochsten NotenO Faithful God, Thanks Be to Thee321

L.M.Wenn wir in hochsten Noten seinWhen in the Hour of Utmost Need522428303
L.M.Wie schon leuchtetOur Lord Is Risen from the Dead

L.M.Winchester NewAround the Throne of God a Band256

L.M.Winchester NewRide on, Ride on, in Majesty162105
L.M.Winchester NewThis Day at Thy Creating Word12

L.M.WindhamThat Day of Wrath, That Dreadful Day612

L.M.WindhamWe Sing the Praise of Him Who Died
L.M.Wir danken dirLord Jesus, We Give Thanks to Thee173

L.M.Wo Gott zum HausOh, Blest the House Whate'er Befall625467512
L.M.Wo Gott zum HausThe Sun's Last Beam of Light is Gone563

L.M.Wo Gott zum HausWe Have a Sure Prophetic Word290340
L.M.Wo Gott zum HausWhen Christ's Appearing Was Made Known

L.M.WoodworthJust As I Am, Without one Plea388359296
L.M. with AlleluiaErschienen ist der herrlich TagLook Toward the Mountains of the Lord
L.M. with AlleluiaErschienen Ist Der Herrlich TagThat Easter Day with Joy Was Bright
L.M. with AlleluiaLasst uns erfreuenA Hymn Of Glory Let Us Sing212149157
L.M. with AlleluiasLasst uns erfreuenYe Watchers and Ye Holy Ones475308175
L.M. with HallelujahErschienen istWe Sing, Immanuel, Thy Praise108

L.M. with refrainNilssonHosanna to the Living Lord

L.M.D.Evening HymnAll Praise to Thee, My God, This Night558

L.M.D.He Leadeth MeHe Leadeth Me

L.M.D.O grosser GottO God of God, O Light of Light13283536
L.M.D.O grosser GottOur Fathers' God in Years Long Gone
L.M.DSchmucke dichNow We Join in Celebration

L.M.D.Wittenberg NewO God, O Lord of Heaven and Earth
S.M.AynhoeLord of the Harvest, Hear488

S.M.AynhoeSoldiers of Christ, Arise450

S.M.BoylstonCome, Holy Spirit, Come225

S.M.CambridgeBeloved 'It Is Well'519

S.M.Des PlainesLord God, the Holy Ghost

S.M.DoverFather, in Whom We Live241

S.M.DurhamBreathe on me, Breath of God

S.M.EnergyFor All Thy Saints, O Lord468

S.M.EnergyGrace! 'Tis a Charming Sound374

S.M.EnergyWe Give Thee but Thine Own441405
S.M.Festal SongFor All Thy Saints, O Lord
S.M.Festal SongFor All Thy Saints, O Lord

S.M.Festal SongRise Up, O Saints of God!

S.M.FranconiaOur Children Jesus Calls
S.M.FranconiaThe Savior Kindly Calls302228
S.M.FranconiaWithin the Father's House13380
S.M.FranconiaThe Advent of Our God

S.M.GarelochsideAll Praise to You, O Lord

S.M.Kentucky 93rdThe First Day of the Week

S.M.MichaelOh, Praise the Lord, my Soul

S.M.PotsdamHow Good, Lord, to be Here
S.M.PotsdamThe Ancient Law Departs117

S.M.PotsdamTis Good Lord to Be Here1358989
S.M.SchumannForever with the Lord616

S.M.SchumannGreat Is the Lord, our God636

S.M.SouthwellAnd Will the Judge Descend610

S.M.SouthwellLord Jesus, Think on Me320231309
S.M.SouthwellNot all the Blood of Beasts15699
S.M.SouthwellO Perfect Life of Love170

S.M.SouthwellOut of the Deep I Call327

S.M.St. BrideAnd Wilt Thou Pardon, Lord322

S.M.St. BrideOur Heavenly Father, Hear455

S.M.St. BrideNot What these Hands have Done389

S.M.St. MichaelHow Beauteous Are their Feet487

S.M.St. MichaelThe Man is Ever Blest414388
S.M.St. MichaelThy Table I Approach310249
S.M.St. MichaelYour Table I Approach
S.M.St. ThomasI Love Your Kingdom, Lord462296368
S.M.St. ThomasOh Bless The Lord, My Soul27457538
S.M.St. ThomasThe Advent of Our King6812
S.M.SwabiaJesus, my Truth, my Way433

S.M.SwabiaPraise We the Lord this Day274

S.M.TenburyIt is not Death to Die602

S.M.TenburyJesus, I Live to Thee591

S.M. with refrainMarionRejoice, Ye Pure in Heart
S.M. with refrainMarionRejoice, O Pilgrim Throng
S.M. with refrainTriumphTriumphant from the Grave
S.M.D.DiademataCrown Him with Many Crowns341278170
S.M.D.LeominsterWide Open Are Your Hands

S.M.D.Terra BeataThis Is My Father's World

554 Rejoicing, Praises Voicing82
66 Jesu KristLord Jesus Christ, My Savior Blest353 Gott und HerrAlas, My God, My Sins Are Great317232 Gott und HerrDraw Us to Thee215153', wer da willSeek Where Ye may to Find a Way383358 Herre GottO God, our Lord, Thy Holy Word266341 TraurigkeitO Darkest Woe167122 Freuden ZartWith High Delight Let us Unite
134140 with refrainEarth and All StarsEarth and All Stars
438558 Worship the King17458548 with refrainJudas MaccabacusThine Is the Glory

145 Herr JesuBeautiful Savior657507518, Lead Thou On410386341, Still Lead On
386341 me Falls the Night562 in de DoodWe Who Once Were Dead

207, My God, to Thee533514 Is My HomeI'm But a Stranger Here660515, Thy Dying Love403374, I Follow On422 of LifeBreak Now the Bread of Life

235 Jahre wiederAs Each Happy Christmas
66 Jahre WiederEvery Year the Christ Child
66 the Day is Over
491280 in LeidenstagenGlory be to Jesus1589895 in LeidenstagenHoly Spirit, Hear Us229 rinder Solen opThe Sun Arises Now542 our Way Rejoicing

260 GateAll Who Would Valiant Be
383 Dunstan'sAll Who Would Valiant Be
384498 Mary MagdaleneIn the Hour of Trial516511 the Hour of Trial

106 with refrainPrince RupertWelcome Happy Morning!
135 with refrainSt. GertrudeOnward Christian Soldiers658518509 AmpneyCome Down, O Love Divine
162508 Ash GroveLet All Things Now Living

557 Ash GroveSent Forth by God's Blessing
247221 the Resurrection603 HymnCome, Thou Almighty King239169522 HymnThou Whose Almighty Word508317400 HymnGod, Whose Almighty Word
317400 HymnShepherd of Tender Youth
471 Country 'tis of Thee

566 AnthemGod Save our Gracious Queen!

568 Faith Looks Trustingly
378 of Tender Youth628, meine FreudeJesus, Priceless Treasure347270457 Skal alting mageJesus, Priceless Treasure

458 AgnusBehold the Lamb of God165's 148thBefore the Lord We Bow575500401's 148thBefore You, Lord, We Bow
500401's 148thChrist Is the Cornerstone465290's 148thLord of the Worlds Above480 UnknownMy Song Is Love Unknown
91 Sohn ist kommenOnce He Came in Blessing7430 129thI Gave my Life for Thee405 dulci iubiloNow Sing We, Now Rejoice924755 SeigneurWhen Morning Gilds the Sky
460545 Schopfer, steh mir beiMy Maker, Now Be Nigh
255 Shopfer, steh mir beiMy Maker, Be Thou Nigh335255, my Great High Priest220's 136thTo Thee, our God we Fly580's 148thArise, O God and Shine642's 148thIn Loud, Exalted Strains638's 148thOn What Has Now Been Sown46217261 RegisRejoice the Lord Is King

171 JohnThy Works, not Mine, O Christ380 Song Is Love Unknown

94 Father, by Whose Name
465357 to the Heedless Winds259 Jesus, as Thou Wilt420 halte treulich stillThy Way, Not Mine, O Lord532 FlockHave No Fear, Little Flock
410476 dimittisO Gladsome Light, O Grace101486 meinen lieben GottIn God, my Faithful God526421 soll ich fliehen hinO Bride of Christ, Rejoice5720 God of Abraham Praise40450544 KonigGod Himself Is Present4206249 K÷nigO Thou Love Unbounded42 KonigWondrous King, All Glorious41 Seed Falls on Good Soil
338236 Came Down at Christmas
46 with refrainVruechtenThis Joyful Eastertide
140149 Danket alle GottThe Lord, my God, Be Praised38174 Gott, du frommer GottHow Can I Thank Thee, Lord417385 Gott, du frommer GottLord Jesus, Who Art Come485 frag ich nach der WeltO God, Forsake me Not
372 frag ich nach der WeltO God, my Faithful God
371504 frag' ich nach der WeltNow are the Days Fulfilled99 frag' ich nach der WeltWhat Is the World to Me430418 fortZion, Rise, Zion, Rise479 preiset alleNow Let All Loudly Sing Praise28 with refrainNarodil se Kristus panLet our Gladness Have no End
6957 natusChrist the Lord to Us is Born86 Nimm Denn Meine HandeLord, Take My Hand and Lead Me
512333 nimm denn meine HandeOh, Take my Hand, Dear Father

333 nimm denn meine HandeTake Thou my Hand and Lead Me

333, Let Me Dedicate118 der ist meinAbide, O Dearest jesus53287263, der ist meinFor me to Live is Jesus597267, der ist mein LebenAbide with us, our Savior
287263 ist geborenHosanna Now Through Advent
16 TrochaicJesu Kreuz, Leiden und PeinJesus, I Will Ponder Now140109115 TrochaicLasst une alleLet us all with Gladsome Voice9742 mich nichtRise, my Soul, to Watch and Pray446302443, auf, mein HerzAwake, my Heart, with Gladness192128129 ist ein RosLo, How a Rose E're Blooming

58 Ist Ein Ros'Lo, How a Rose Is Growing
6758 ist ein' Ros'A Great and Mighty Wonder7651 ist ein' Ros'Behold, a Branch Is Growing6456758 meines Herzens GrundeArise, Sons of the Kingdom69 meines Herzens GrundeLo, God to Heaven Ascendeth214 meines Herzens GrundeMy Inmost Heart Now Raises548 meines Herzens GrundeO People, Rise and Labor
25 meines Herzens GrundeOh, Sing with Exultation217 meines Herzens GrundeYe Sons of Men, Oh, Hearken7525 mir Gott's GuteTo God the Anthem Raising112 Gott will ich nicht lassenFrom God Shall Naught Divide Me393409468 einOh, Enter, Lord, Thy Temple228 hatten GebauetWhen Christmas Morn Is Dawning

59 with refrainBereden vag for herranPrepare the Royal Highway
2726 Tag, der istHail the Day so Rich in Cheer78 Tag, der istHoly Spirit, God of Love230 Christ, der eining Goss SohnWhen O'er my Sins I Sorrow
367 meine Sund'When O'er my Sins I Sorrow152 AnatoliusThe Day Is Past and Over555 of JesusHeav'nly Father, Hear Our Prayer

289 donumTo Thee my Heart I Offer89 Gott vom HimmelreicheO Living Bread from Heaven
244 Gott vom HimmelreicheThe Bridegroom Soon Will Call Us67176's StoryO Savior, Precious Savior352282514 unto Me, Ye Weary276345 Thy Mercy Calls Us279347304 Lay My Sins on Jesus652 of the Living Harvest492260 Father, All Creating
251 Living Bread from Heaven

197 Church's One Foundation473289369 Maria, Klarer un lichter MorgensternO Day of Rest and Gladness

251 patriaFor Thee, O Dear, Dear Country614, the Golden

347 Blomsterid nu kommerHow Marvelous God's Greatness

515 Clouds of Judgment Gather
463322 Father, All Creating621 Voice that Breathed O'er Eden622, Loud Hosanna161106 Life Is here our Portion448, the Golden613309 World is Very Evil605 euch, ihr liebenHail to the Lord's Annointed598287 PariterCome Ye Faithful, Raise the Strain
141132 pariterCome, You Faithful, Raise the Strain

132 PariterCradling Children in His Arm

193 tut michA Pilgrim and a Stranger586 tut michCommit Whatever Grieves Thee520427 tut michO Sacred Head Now Wounded172113116 tut michPreserve Thy Word, O Savior264 tut mich erfreuenThe Day of Resurrection
133141 tut mich verlangenEntrust Your Days and Burdens
427 dank' dir, lieber HerreLet Me be Thine Forever334 dank' dir, lieber HerreThrough Jesus' Blood and Merit372 Gott fur michIf God Himself be for Me
407 Gott fur michIf God Himself be for Me

454 Gott fur michPreserve Thy Word, O Savior
337 vil mig Herren loveI Pray Thee, Dear Lord Jesus655476's LynnBy All Your Saints in Warfare
194178's LynnFor All Thy Saints in Warfare
193's LynnFor All Thy Saints in Warfare
194's LynnFrom All Thy Saints in Warfare

178's LynnFrom All Thy Saints in Warfare

177's LynnO God of Earth and Altar

428 Lord, Now Let Your Servant

339 on, O King Eternal

495 Day of Resurrection205 Restless Crowds are Thronging

430 Gott getrost mit singenLet Me be Yours Forever334
490 Gott getrost mit singenThrough Jesus' Blood and Merit
369 HymnFrom Greenland's Icy Mountains495322 HymnOn Galilee's High Mountain
320 Is the World's Redeemer
271 Lay My Sins on Jesus
366305 Jesus, I Have Promised

503 Word of God Incarnate294335231 Kingdom Come, O Father

384 adest FloridumGentle Mary Laid her Child
57 One with God the Father

77 God of Ev'ry Nation

416 will ich dir gebenAll Glory Laud and Honor160102108 will ich dir gebenFarewell I Gladly Bid Thee407 will ich dir gebenIf God Himself be for Me528 will ich dir gebenO Lord, How Shall I Meet Thee58 will ich dir gebenRejoice, Rejoice, Believers72 will ich dir gebenThou Light of Gentile Nations138 Morning Light Is Breaking497 Lord, Send Forth Your Spirit

392 Me, God, and Know my Heart

311 Are Your Ways, O God

311 lieblich ist der MaienSing to the Lord of Harvest
493412 soll ich dichO Lord, How Shall I Meet Thee581923 soll ich dich emphfangenOh, How Shall I Receive Thee

23 TrochaicFang dein WerkWith the Lord Begin Thy Task540483444 TrochaicSchwing dich aufCome Ye Faithful, Raise the Strain204 with refrainWir Pflugen (Weir Pltugen)We Plow the Fields and Scatter

362 Stable Lamp Is Lighted

74 ChristopherBeneath the Cross of Jesus

107 Thousand Times Ten Thousand476 Lamm Gottes, unschuldigO Lamb of God Most Holy

111 Welt, ich muss dich lassenNow All the Woods are Sleeping

276 Welt, ich muss dich lassenNow Rest Beneath Night's Shadows554485282 Welt, ich muss dich lassenO Bread of Life from Heaven

222 Welt, ich muss dich lassenThe Duteous Day Now Closeth

276 Welt, ich muss dich lassenUpon the Cross Extended171121 Welt, sieh hierUpon the Cross Extended171120, Vad ar Dock Livet HarJesus, in Thy Dying Woes

112 VerbaJesus, All Our Ransom Paid185 VerbaJesus, in Thy Dying Woes180112 VerbaJesus, in Thy Thirst and Pain184 VerbaJesus, Pitying the Sighs181 VerbaJesus, Whelmed in Fears Unknown183 der TiefeThou Who Roll'st the Year Around111 May He Who from the Dead51 sei DankJesus! Name of Wondrous Love114182 Sei DankJesus, Savior, Come to Me356 Sei DankSoldiers of the Cross, Arise501 Sei DankSpread the Reign of God the Lord
321 Sei DankSpread, Oh, Spread, Almighty Word
321379 sei dankTo Your Temple, Lord, I Come
207 PriesterSpread, Oh, Spread, Thou Mighty Word507 Breaks upon the Tomb203 of Praise the Angels Sang35447, oh Praise, Our God and King570 bin ichNow the Light Has Gone Away653503 komm, der Heiden HeilandSavior of the Nations Come951328 partibusChrist the Lord Is Risen Today!!193142130 partibusHail the Day that Sees Him Rise213 My Life and Let It Be400404406 13Holy Ghost with Light Divine
166 13Holy Spirit, Truth Divine

257 13Yours Forever, God of Love
256 CallCome, My Way, My Truth, My Life

513, my Soul, Thy Suit Prepare459433, my Soul, with every Care
433, We Come Before Thee Now18 Forever, God of Love338 BayLet us all with Gladsome Voice

521 IambicNun lasst uns Gott, dem HerrenNow Let Us Come before Him122184 with refrainGloriaAngels We Have Heard on High
5571 with AlleluiasEaster HymnJesus Christ Is Risen Today199127151 with HallelujahChristus ist erstandenChrist the Lord is Risen Again190 der GerechtigkeitAt the Lamb's High Feast We Sing
126210, Receive this Company

As with Gladness Men of Old1277582 of Mercy, God of Grace20 the Beauty of the Earth

561 to God, Immortal Praise572496 til BodFather, Who the Light This Day8 til BodHallelujah! Jesus Lives188
147 til BodPeace, to Soothe our Bitter Woes

338 of Sinners, Though I Be342285306 to Dark Gethsemane159110109 upon the Awe-ful Tree174, Savior, Pilot Me649513334, Whose Glory Fills the Sky359480265 our Father Does Is Well571 WunderBlessed Are the Sons of God391370 WunderEvery Morning Mercies New537, to You Immortal Praise
496 of Blessing that We Share

204 WunderBlest the Children of Our God
370 Lamm Gottes, unschuldigLamb of God, Pure and Holy146208111 der Vater Wohn uns beiTriune God, oh, be our Stay
170 der Vater wohn'God the Father, Be our Stay247170308, Lover of My Soul345, When in Dust to Thee
9391, wahres SeelenlichtWhile with Ceasless Course the Sun113 a Lowly Manger Born

417 of Thankfulness and Praise

90 the Whole Creation Cry

242 ChantSavior, When in Dust to Thee16693 GeorgeSwell the Anthem, Raise the Song584 George's WindsorChrist by Heavenly Hosts Adored566499 George's WindsorCome, Ye Thankful People, Come574495407 George's, WindsorSongs of Thankfulness and Praise13488 with refrainMendelssohnHark! The Herald Angels Sing944960 ich Jesu Schaflein binI Am Jesus' Little Lamb648517 er den Himmel blaaBright and Glorious in the Sky

75 Tell ItGo Tell it on the Mountain
50470 der EwigkeitCome, Thou Bright and Morning Star539 lob, mein' Seel'I Know my Faith is Founded381354 lob, mein' Seel'My Soul, now Bless thy Maker34453 lob, mein' Seel'O Living Bread from Heaven316 GottHoly God, We Praise Thy Name250171535, meine ZuversichtJesus Christ My Sure Defense206266340 Jesum lass' ich nichtJesus Sinners Doth Receive324229291 Jesum lass' ich nichtJesus I Will Never Leave365 Jesum lass' ich nichtTender Shepherd, Thou Hast Stilled595269 Jesum lass' ich nightCome, Thou Precious Ransom, Come553424 Jesum lass ich nichtCome, O Precious Ransom, Come

24 JesuBlessed Jesus, at Thy Word16202248 JesuDearest Jesus, We are Here300226187 JesuFrom Eternity, O God411 Jesu, wir sind hierDearest Jesus at Your Word
202248, Trostet, spricht der HerrComfort, Comfort, Says the Voice
21, Heiliger Geist, Herre GottCome Holy Ghost, God and Lord224154163 soll mein HerzeAll my Heart this Night Rejoices773946 sollt' ich mich denn gramenWhy Should Cross and Trial Grieve me523423 soll mein Herze SpringenOnce Again my Heart Rejoices
3946 sollt ich mich denn gramenWhen I Suffer Pains and Losses
423 Vsickni VeseleMake Songs of Joy to Christ, our Head
132150 hyd y nosGod that Madest Earth and Heaven

281 BarbaraFor the Fruit of All Creation

563 Thou Weary, Art Thou Troubled513 Father, in Thy Mercy643469 Fried' und Freud'In Peace and Joy I Now Depart137185349 Fried und FreudI Leave, As You Have Promised, Lord

349 Am Trusting Thee, Lord Jesus428408460 LouisO Little Town of Bethlehem6476041 Gott, ihr ChristenLet All Together Praise our God
4447 Gott, ihr ChristenOh, Happy Day When We Shall Stand

351 of GodThey Cast Their Nets in Galilee

449 Shepherding of Stars that Gaze
7163 Jame's AirThe Lord's My Shepherd

451 Songs of Praises Fill the Sky232 JesuLord of my Life, Whose Tender Care24 with refrainUne jeune pucelleTwas in the Moon of Wintertime

72 Himmelen, I HimmelenIn Heav'n Above, In Heav'n Above

330 celesteThere Is an Hour of Peaceful Rest617 (Elton)Dear Lord and Father of Mankind

506 glauben all' an einen GottWe All Believe in One True God252212, was soll ich Sunder machenJesus Christ, my Pride and Glory408, was soll ich Sunder machenOh, How Great is Thy Compassion384364 euch, ihr ChristenOh, Rejoice, Ye Christians Loudly9640 Who Love and Serve Your City

436 in Christ is Strong and Living
376 PrayerSavior, Breathe an Evening Blessing565 wir uns all in einHark, a Thrilling Voice is Sounding
1837, Ich habe MisgehandeltGlory be to God the Father

167 the Quiet Consecration

223 den Herrn, die Morgen sonneHark! the Church Proclaims her Honor461 der allesHark, a Thrilling Voice is Sounding60 DieFor the Bread Which You Have Broken

200 the Cross of Christ I Glory354101104 rechtLamb of God, We Fall Before Three358 rechtSavior, Breathe an Evening Blessing565 rechtSavior, Who Thy Flock Art Feeding631 rechtSweet the Moments Rich in Blessing155! What Mean those Holy Voices83 dienen HerrStrengthen for Service, Lord, the Hands

218 ColumbaThe King of Love My Shepherd Is
412456, Thou Art Mine Forever357 IambicIch dank' dir schonThe King of Love My Shepherd Is431's LeighLord of Light, Your Name Outshining

405 the Lord! O Heav'ns adore Him

540 the Night of Doubt and Sorrow481 SpringLord, Whose Love in Humble Service

423 BreaGod Has Spoken by His Prophets

238 the Night of Doubt and Sorrow

355 Strong Word
328233 a Friend We Have in Jesus457516 Things of Thee Are Spoken469! the Voice of Jesus Crying496318381 Alone for Mighty Empire

437! Sing to Jesus

158 us Now, Our God and Father

288, I My Cross Have Taken423 Divine, All Love Excelling
286315 BabiloneHoly Spirit, Ever Dwelling
164523, O Long expected Jesus
22, Thou Long expected Jesus
2230, Joy of Man's DesiringCome with us, O Blessed Jesus

219 du LiebeRise, Thou Light of Gentile Nations498 du LiebeJesus, Refuge of the Weary1459093 du LiebeLord, 'tis not that I did Choose Thee37 du LiebeLove Divine, all Love Excelling351 du LiebeSavior, Sprinkle Many Nations510 DurchbrecherHail, O Once Rejected Jesus
284 DurchbrecherHail, O Source of Every Blessing
84 DurchbrecherHail, Thou once Despised Jesus367284 DurchbrecherHark! the Sound of Holy Voices471 mein Jesu, ich muss sterbenStricken, Smitten and Afflicted153116 SaviorLord, with Glowing Heart I'd Praise Thee

243 GloriaeGod Has Spoken by His Prophets
343 GloriaeSee, the Conqueror Mounts218 HilaryGod the Father, Son and Spirit640 IambicWas mein Gott willThe Will of God is Always Best517425 IambicWas mein Gott willWho Trusts in God, a Strong Abode437414450 ist notOne Thing's Needful366277, He Comes with Clouds Descending

27 CalfariaLook, ye Saints, the Sight is Glorious

156 CalfariaLord, Enthroned in Heavenly Splendor
281172 CalifariaLord, Enthroned in Heav'nly Splendor

172 Jerusalem, du SchoneO'er the Distant Mountains Breaking606 SquareAngels from the Realms of Glory1365050 gehst du nunLord Jesus, Thou Art Going Forth150 Gott tutWhat God Ordains Is Always Good521422446, ye Saints, the Sight is Glorious222 MeGuide me, O Thou Great Jehovah54 MeO'er the Gloomy Hills of Darkness505 be to God the Father244173 Stands by Hills Surrounded474 Jesus Christ, the Church's Head
293 Jesus, Thou the Church's Head477293 Feste BurgGod's Word is our Great Heritage

239'Feste BurgA Mighty Fortress Is Our God262297229's Word is our Great Heritage283333 Lord and God, Oh Bless This Day337, lasst euch wiederfindenRise Again, Ye Lion-hearted470 lieben Sonne Licht und PrachtI Walk in Danger all the Way413391 Child Is This
6140 to Calvary's Holy Mountain14996 des HimmelsMaker of the Earth and Heaven

266 in Royal David's City
58, Jesus, nichts als JesusJesus, Jesus, only Jesus348, o komm, du GeistThrough the Day Thy Love Hath Spared Us553 mit OieCome to Calvary's Holy Mountain
96301! Ten Thousand Harps and Voices221, Brightness of the Father257 is this that Comes from Edom209 HerrscherOpen Now Thy Gates of Beauty
198250 HerrscherRise, O Children of Salvation

182 am KreuzGrant, Lord Jesus, that my Healing
95 am KreuzJesus, Grant that Balm and Hearing14495 am KreuzOn My Heart Imprint Thy Image179100102 am KreuzPrint Thine Image, Pure and Holy

102 dich sehrComfort, Comfort, Ye My People612829 dich SehrO'er Jerusalem Thou Weepest419390 dich sehrPraise and Thanks and Adoration
387470 dich sehrPraise to Thee and Adoration401387470 MunterChristians, While on Earth Abiding
434440 munterLike the Golden Sun Ascending207 munterSend, O Lord, Thy Holy Spirit491263 munterSpeak, O Lord, Thy Servant Heareth296339 klagtZion Mourns in Fear and Anguish268 lag in TodesbandenChrist Jesus Lay in Death's Strong Bands195123134 uns friedenGrant Peace, We Pray, in Mercy, Lord
219471 TriumphUp through Endless Ranks of Angels
152159 willkommenJudge Eternal, Throned in Splendor576 ChurchChrist Is Made the Sure Foundation

367 NewSing my Tongue, the Glorious Battle

118 NewSing, my Tongue, the Glorious Battle
117 vil tiesSavior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us

481 His Temple Now Behold Him

184 UlmLord, Dismiss Us with Thy Blessing50 LinguaOf the Glorious Body Telling

120 All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence
241198, He Comes with Clouds Descending
1527, my SoulPraise, my Soul, the King of Heaven

549 SquareLord, Dismiss Us with Thy Blessing50218 SquareOne Thy Light, the Temple Filling641 SquareSaints of God, the Dawn Is Brightening502 Eternal, Throned in Splendor

418 MarinersLord, Dismiss Us with Thy Blessing

259 hier bin ichJesus Came, the Heavens Adoring56, hier bin ichGracious Savior, Gentle Shepherd627475, hier bin ichIn His Temple Now Behold Him139, hier bin ichWord Supreme, Before Creation271, min tungaPraise the Savior, Now and Ever

155 AbbeyIn His Temple Now Behold Him
186 mysteriumOf the Father's Love Begotten983642 HimlensThy Word, O Lord, Like Gentle Dews

232 HimlensYour Word, O Lord, Is Gentle Dew

232 RhonddaGuide Me Ever, Great Redeemer
220343 RhonddaGuide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah

343 uns mit Jesu ziehenLet us Ever Walk with Jesus409381487' ich meinmem GottI Will Sing my Maker's Praises25439, unser HerrTo Jordan Came the Christ, our Lord
22379 wolle Gott uns gnadig seinMay God Embrace Us with His Grace
288 Is Risen! Alleluia!

131, ich habe missgehandeltLord, to Thee I Make Confession326233's mit mir, GottCome Follow me, the Savior Spake421379 mit mit, GottCome Follow Me, Said Christ, the Lord
379455 Gott vom HimmelO Lord, Look Down from Heaven260 Gott in der HohGod Brought me to this Time and Place
456 Gott in der Hoh'All Glory Be to God on High237215166 Gott in der Hoh'The Lord Hath Helped me Hitherto33456 Gott in her Hoh'Across the Sky the Shades of Night110181 tiefer NotFrom Depths of Woe I Cry to Thee329230295 tiefer NotLord Jesus Christ, Life-Giving Bread
248 tiefer NotOut of the Depths I Cry to You

295 ist das HeilAll Who Beliebve and are Baptized
225194 ist das HeilHe that Believes and is Baptized301225194 ist das HeilSalvation unto us has Come377355297 ist gewisslichGrant, Holy Ghost, that We Behold
336 ist gewisslichGreat God, What Do I See and Hear?604 ist gewisslichO Holy Spirit, Grant us Grace293336 ist gewisslichThe Day Is Surely Drawing Near611462321, wie du willstLord Jesus Christ, Thou Living Bread312, wie du willstLord, as Thou Wilt406 den Herrn, ihrAll Praise to God Who Reigns Above19452542 Gott den Herren, ihrSing Praise to God, the Highest Good
452542 freut euchDear Christians, One and All, Rejoice387353299 freut euchIf Thy Beloved Son, O God375 freut euchO Lord, our Father, Thanks to Thee124 freut euchOn Christ's Ascension I Now Build216150, Sing, my Soul, Your maker's Praise

319' Gott nicht mit unsIf God had not been on our Side267 mein StundleinWhen My Last Hour Is Close at Hand594 Menschen mussen sterbenAll Men Living Are but Mortal601, meines Lebens LebenChrist, the Life of All the Living1519497 Zlobie LezyInfant Holy, Infant Lowly

44 Wasserflussen BabylonA Lamb Goes Uncomplaining Forth142
105 Gott tutWhate'er our God Ordains Is Right

446 Gott tutWhatever God Ordains Is Right

446 seist duWe Praise, O Christ, Your Holy Name
35 Christ, our Lord Most Holy169 Lova Dig, O Store GudWe Worship Thee, Almighty Lord

432 Lova Dig, O store GudWe Worship You, O God of Might
199432, Judah's Lion Wins the Strife
146 her zu mirI Do Not Come Because my Soul379 her zu mirO Little Flock, Fear not the Foe263300361 We Thy Precepts, Lord, Fulfill412389353 dich hab ich gehoffetIn You, Lord, I Have Put my Trust
406 dich hab' ich gehoffetIn Thee, Lord, Have I Put my Trust524406 Christus, unser HeilandJesus Christ, our Blessed Savior311236 Christus, unser HeilandJesus Christ, our Blessed Savior311237 Jesu an des KreuzesFrom Calvary's Cross I Heard Christ Say
108 Jesu an des KreuzesOur Blessed Savior Seven Times Spoke177108 ist an Gottes SegenAll Depends on our Possessing425415447 ist an Gottes SegenChristians, Come in Sweetest Measures282 ist an Gottes SegenPraise the Lord, Rise Up Rejoicing

196 her zu mirDo Not Despair, O Little Flock
300 her zu mirFear Not, Thou Faithful Christian Flock

361 her zu mirO Blessed Home Where Man and Wife624 her zu mirOh, Blessed Home Where Man and Wife
466 MaterAt the Cross, Her Station Keeping

110 schon leuchtetFor Many Years, O God of Grace639325 schon leuchtetHallelujah! Let Praises Ring23437 schon leuchtetHe is Arisen! Glorious Word!189520138 schon leuchtetHow Lovely Shines the Morning Star3437376 schon leuchtetHow Lovely Shines the Morning Star546 schon leuchtetO Holy Spirit, Enter In235160459 schon leuchtetRejoice, Rejoice, this Happy Mourn7952043 Sjal og AandHow Blest are they who Hear God's Word48 himmeriges rigeHow Blest are they who Hear God's Word
222227 lieb hab' ich dich, o HerrLord, Thee I Love with all my Heart429413325
8.8.8Dies iraeDay of Wrath, O Day of Mourning607

8.8.8 with AlleluiasBeverlyChrist Is the King! O Friends, Rejoice

8.8.8 with alleluiasGelobt Sei GottGood Christian Friends Rejoice and Sing
8.8.8 with AlleluiasGelobt sei GottGood Christian Men, Rejoice and Sing

8.8.8 with AlleluiasGelobt sei GottYe Sons and Daughters of the King208

8.8.8 with AlleluiasVictoryThe Strife Is O'er, the Battle Done
8.8.8. with alleluiasO Fili Et FiliaeO Sons and Daughters of the King
130139 ist kein TagMy God, My Father, Make me Strong424 ist kein TagMy God, My Father, while I Stray418 ist kein TagO Lord of Heaven and Earth and Sea443 with AlleluiasPalestrinaThe Strife Is O'er, the Battle Done210 to the Cross390356 God of Mercy, God of Might439 Now, O Lord, to Every Place
316, Thou, O Lord, to Every Place506316 As I AmO God of Mercy, God of Light

425 as I AmO God of Mercy, God of Might
397 novyGreet, Man, the Swiftly Changing Year

181 linesGreat White HostBehold a Host, Arrayed in White656 pastoresCome, Your Hearts and Voices Raising9048 NazaremoIn One True God we all Believe253 sind die heil'genThat Man a Godly Life Might Live287 Gottes Namen fahren wirHere Is the Tenfold Sure Command
331 MargaretO Love That Will Not Let Me Go

324 Freuden ZartLord Christ, When First You Came to Earth

421 Ehr' und LobAll Glory be to God Alone238210' Ehr' und LobAwake, Thou Spirit, Who Didst Fire494' Ehr' und LobCreator Spirit, By Whose Aid236167164' Ehr' und LobWhen Streaming from the Eastern Skies543' Ehr' und Lob'O Lord, Whose Bounteous Hand Again567 Neugeborne KindeleinVictim Divine, Your Grace We Claim

202 ProcessionalOh, Come, Oh, Come, Emmanuel
134' triumphieret Gottes SohnO Love, Who Madest Me to Wear397 Father, Strong to Save

467 Hope Is Built on Nothing Less

294, Thy Boundless Love to Me

336 PetersburgThou Who the Night in Prayer Didst Spend493 Solid RockMy Hope Is Built on Nothing Less

293 unserDear Lord, to Thy True Servants Give482 unserI Fall Asleep in Jesus' Wounds585 unserJesus, Thy Boundless Love to Me349280 UnserOh Thou, Who Hast of Thy Pure Grace

442 unserOur Father, Thou in Heaven Above458431 unserOur Father, Who from heaven Above
430 God, our SourceGreat God, our Source and Lord of Space

466 will dich liebenYou Will I Love, my Strength, my Tower
375 CatherineFaith of Our Fathers

500 Lord my Pasture Shall Prepare368 unserO Lord, My God, I Cry to Thee600 unserOur Father, Who from heaven Above
431 unserTo Thee, O God, the Lord of All

310 UnserTo You, Omniscient Lord of All
234310 with alleluiasLasst uns erfreuenAll Creatures of our God and King
436527 hoch die TurFling Wide the Door, Unbar the Gate

32 hoch die TurLift Up Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates7323 hoch die TurLift Up Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates732332 Up Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates7324 TrochaicSchmucke dichFeed Thy Children, God Most Holy659468 TrochaicSchmucke dichSoul, Adorn Thyself with Gladness305239224 aufRise! To Arms! With Prayer Employ You444303 HeilandMy Savior Sinners doth Receive386

8s.10 linesWir glauben all' an einem GottWe All Believe in One True God251213
8s.10 linesWir glauben all' an einem GottWe All Believe in One True God251
374, dir, JehovaJehovah, let me Now Adore Thee21446, dir, JehovaAwake, O Spirit of the Watchmen

382 ClementThe Day Thou Gavest, Lord, Is Ended

274 ClementThe Day You Gave us, Lord, Has Ended

274 will dich liebenThee Will I Love, my Strength399375502 sterbe tSglichHelp us, O Lord! Behold We Enter120 sterbe taglichI Come, O Savior, to Thy Table315242213 das ich tausendThis Night a Wondrous Revelation88 dass ich tausendBaptized into Thy Name Most Holy298224192 dass ich tausendBy Grace I'm Saved, Grace Free and Boundless373351 dass ich tausendNow I Have the Firm Foundation385360 dass ich tausendOh, that I Had a Thousand Voices243448 dass ich tausendThe Morning Sun is Brightly Beaming545 nur den lieben GottIf Thou but Suffer God to Guide Thee518420453 weiss, wie naheWho Knows When Death May Overtake me598 nun den lieben GottIf You but Trust in God to Guide You
420453 nur den lieben GottAbide with us, the Day is Waning194 weiss, wie naheWhen Sinners See Their Lost Condition65 signede DagI Know of a Sleep in Jesus' Name592
342 signede DagO Day Full of Grace that We Now See
163161 wohl ist mirA Rest Remaineth for the Weary615 wohl ist mirMy Soul's Best Friend, What Joy and Blessing362, Sing out with Exultation100 bitten wirWe Now Implore God the Holy Ghost231155 Herra Jos ma Matkamies MaanLord, as a Pilgrim through Life I Go

10.10Coena DominiDraw Nigh and Take the Body of the Lord

10.10 with refrainBreak Bread TogetherLet Us Break Bread Together on Our Knees

10.10.10 with alleluiasFredericktownWhen in our Music God is Glorified
10.10.10 with AlleluiasSine nomineFor All the Saints463191174 va deCome, Let Us Eat, for Now the Feast Is Spread

214 te devoteEternal Spirit of the Living Christ
432441 High the Cross
311377 Again to Thy Dear Name47221262 With Me552490272 CastleHere O My Lord, I See Thee
243211, Risen Lord, and Deign to Be our Guest

209 of God, Descend Upon My Heart

486 of All Good, our Gifts We Bring you Now

411 HymnGod of Our Fathers
501567 Quanta QualiaOh, What Their Joy and Their Glory Must Be

337 quanta qualiaStars of the Morning255190 124thDraw Nigh and Take the Body of the Lord307240 124thGod of the Prophets483258 124thRise, Crowned with Light503313 with the Spirit's Pow'r, with one Accord

160 CordaForgive Us, Lord, for Shallow Thankfulness
401 CordaThe Son of God, our Christ, the Word, the Way

434 with refrainRiver ForstAs Moses, Lost in Sinai's Wilderness
324 124thThy Kingdom Come! O Father, Hear our Prayer

376 124thYour Kingdom Come! O Father, Hear our Prayer

376 Still, My Soul651510 God, Before Your Throne We Bend

354 1Eternal Ruler of the Ceaseless Round

373 1Lord, Who at Your First Eucharist Did Pray

206, Awake84 Know that Christ Is Raised and Dies No More

189 Servants of God, Your Master Proclaim

252 Servants of God, Your Master Proclaim

252 You ThereWere You There?
50592 wie seligOh, How Blest are Ye589268, dir, JehovaAwake, Thou Spirit of the Watchmen
315 er GudMighty God, to Thy Dear Name Be Given

244, dir, JehovaAwake, Thou Spirit of the Watchmen
315 of All Hopefulness

469 God from Whom All Blessings Flow, Praise Him

529 the Hills Around Do I Lift Up

445 BuhGod, my Lord, my Strength, my Place of Hiding

484, du hochgebaute StadtJerusalem, Thou City, Fair and High619306348, du hochgebaute StadtJerusalem, Whose Towers Touch the Skies

348 ist genugI Am Content! My Jesus Liveth Still196145 ist genugMy Course Is Run599 ist genugThere Still is Room509 den Herren, o meinePraise the Almighty, my Soul26445539 som gaar udSpirit of God, Sent from heaven Abroad

285 bitten wirNow We Implore God the Holy Ghost

317 bitten wirTo God the Holy Spirit Let us Pray
10s.16 linesJesaia, dem ProphetenIsaiah, Mighty Seer, in Days of Old249214528 Menighed syngYe Lands, to the Lord Make a Jubilant Noise44205256 Menghed SyngOh, Sing All Ye Lands, with a Jubilant Voice

256 menighed syngOh, Sing Jubilee to the Lord, Every Land
11.7.10ElizabethOh, Gladsome Light of the Father Immortal

279 sei gelobetO Lord, We Praise Thee313238215 Is WellWhen Peace, Like a River, Attendeth My Way

346 du HaureIt Is Well with My Soul

346 Mange skal kommeA Multitiude Comes from the East and the West
464313 mange skal kommeFull Many Shall Come from the East and the West

313 mange skal kommeLo, Many Shall Come415464313 NouveletNow the Green Blade Rises

148 Are the Lord's;His all-Sufficient Merit453 perfectaO Perfect Love623 Redemption materCome, ye Disconsolate531 God of Light, Your Word, a Lamp Unfailing

237 of GodO Jesus Christ, May Grateful Hymns Be Rising

427 God, Send Heralds Who Will Never Falter

283 God, Send Men Whose Purpose Will Not Falter

283 StarBrightest and Best of the Sons of the Morning1288684 Perfect LoveO Perfect Love, all Human Thought Transcending
253287 with refrainAngelic Songs (Tidings)O, Zion, Haste, Your Mission High Fulfilling

397 Eternal, Ruler of Creation

413 ist kommen, Grund ewiger FreudeJesus Has Come and Brings Pleasure
78 selig HausO Happy Home626 ImmanuelGod, Lord of Sabaoth582 HymnGod the Omnipotent

462 SongAway in the Manger
6467 FoundationHow Firm a Foundation427411 Not, Delay Not, O Sinner278349 Would not Live Alway588's Risen, He's Risen, Christ Jesus198138, Saliga StunderWith God As our Friend, with His Spirit and Word

371 SanctorumFather, Most Holy, Merciful, and Tender
175169 SanctorumFather, We Praise Thee
482267 SanctorumPraise and Thanksgiving be to God our Maker

191 SanctorumPraise and Thanksgiving be to our Creator

191 Nacht ist kommenO God, Be with Us556 JesuAh, Holy Jesus, How Hast Thou Offended?

123 JesuFather, Most Holy, Merciful, and Tender240
169 JesuLord of our Life and God of our Salvation258 JesuO Dearest Jesus, What Law Hast Thou Broken143119123 JesuO Lord, our Father, Shall We Be Confounded269 ConfessorLord of Our Life
301366 ConfessorOnly Begotten Word of God Eternal
323375, Shine You People! Christ the Lord Has Entered!

393 in the NightLost in the Night Do the People Yet Languish

394 to the Father for His Lovingkindness

517 Ye the Father

517 Hope my Soul, Redeemed to Bliss Unending432, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty246168165 Praise You, O God
8241 with AlleluiasParsonsLook, Now He Stands! Stones Could Not Hold Him Down for Long

152 LoveWhat Wondrous Love Is This

385 God of Youth, Whose Spirit in our Hearts is Stirring

510 den Herren denPraise to the Lord, the Almighty39444543 with refrainBattle HymnBattle Hymn of the Republic

IrregularAn Wasser flussen BabylonA Lamb Alone Bears Willingly
IrregularChrist ist erstandenChrist Is Arisen187124136
IrregularChriste, du Lamm GottesO Christ, Thou Lamb of God1477103
IrregularDen Store Hvde FlokBehold a Host, like Mountains Bright

IrregularDen Store Hvde FlokWho Is this Host Arrayed in White

IrregularDie Guldne SonneEvening and Morning

IrregularDie Guldne SonneEvery Morning Mercies New
IrregularGrantonAmid the World's Bleak Wilderness
IrregularHerzlich liebLord, You I Love with All my Heart
IrregularIn dir ist FreudeIn You Is Gladness
IrregularJesaia dem ProphetenIsaiah in a Vision Did of Old

IrregularKingly LoveO Kingly Love, that Faithfully
IrregularLift Ev'ry Voice and SingLift Ev'ry Voice and Sing

IrregularLo Desembre CongelatCold December Flies Away

IrregularMitten wir im Leben sindEven As We Live Each Day

IrregularNowNow the Silence

IrregularNun Lob, mein SeelMy Soul, Now Bless Thy Maker

IrregularNun lob, mein SeelMy Soul, Now Praise Your Maker!

IrregularNun lobt mein SeelMy Soul, Now Praise Your Maker
IrregularVictimae paschaliChristians, to the Pascal Victim
IrregularWachet aufGlorious Majesty, Before Thee

IrregularWie schon leuchtetAll Hail to You, O Blessed Morn!

IrregularWie Schon LeuchtetHow Brightly Beams the Morning Star!

IrregularWie schon leuchtetAlleluia! Let Praises Ring
IrregularWie Schon LeuchietO Morning Star, How Fair and Bright
IrregularSalve Festa DiesHail Thee, Festival Day
IrregularSlaneChrist Be My Leader
IrregularSt. Patrick's BreastplateI Bind unto Myself Today
IrregularStille NachtSilent Night6466865
IrregularZname to, pane boze nasO God, Father in Heaven

IrregularZname to, pane boze nasYour Heart, O God, Is Grieved, We Know