"Before Thee, God, Who Knowest All"
by Magnus B. Landstad, 1802-1880
Translated by Carl Doving, 1867-1937

1. Before Thee, God, who knowest all,
With grief and shame I prostrate fall.
I see my sins against Thee, Lord,
The sins of thought, of deed, and word.
They press me sore; I cry to Thee:
O God, be merciful to me!

2. O Lord, my God, to Thee I pray:
Oh, cast me not in wrath away!
Let Thy good Spirit ne'er depart,
But let Him draw to Thee my heart
That truly penitent I be:
O God, be merciful to me!

3. O Jesus, let Thy precious blood
Be to my soul a cleansing flood.
Turn not, O Lord, Thy guest away,
But grant that justified I may
Go to my house at peace with Thee:
O God, be merciful to me!

Hymn #318
The Lutheran Hymnal
Text: Ezra 9: 15
Author: Magnus B. Landstad, 1861
Translated by: Carl Doeving, 1909
Titled: "Jeg staar for Gud, som alting ved"
Tune: "Vater unser"
1st Published in: "Geistliche Lieder"
Town: Leipzig, 1539