O Lord, We Praise You
By: German folk hymn

O Lord, we praise you, bless you, and adore you,
In thanksgiving bow before you.
Here with your body and your blood you nourish
Our weak souls that they may flourish.
O Lord, have mercy!
May your body, Lord, born of Mary,
That our sins and sorrows did carry,
And you blood for us plead
In all trial, fear, and need:
O Lord, have mercy!

Your holy body into death was given,
Life to win for us in heaven.
No greater love than this to you could bind us;
May this feast of that remind us!
O Lord, have mercy!
Lord, your kindness so much did move you
That your blood now moves us to love you.
All our debt you have paid;
Peace with God one more is made.
O Lord, have mercy!

May God bestow on us his grace and favor
To please him with our behavior
And live together here in love and union
Nor repent this blest communion.
O Lord, have mercy!
Let not your good Spirit forsake us,
But that heavenly minded he make us;
Give you Church, Lord, to see
Days of Peace and unity.
O Lord, have mercy!

Hymn # 238 from Lutheran Worship
Author: Johann Walter
Tune: Gott Sei Gelobet Und Gebenedeiet
1st Published in: 1523