Kyrie, God Father
By: Latin

Kyrie, God Father in heaven above,
You abound in gracious love,
Of all things the maker and preserver.
Eleison, eleison!
Lyrie, O Christ, our king,
Salvation for all you came to bring.
O Lord Jesus, Godís own Son,
Our mediator at the heavenly throne,
Hear our cry and grant our supplication.
Eleison, eleison!
Kyrie, O God the Holy Ghost,
Guard our faith, the gift we need the most,
And bless our lifeís last hour
That we leave this sinful world with gladness.
Eleison, eleison!

Hymn # 209 from Lutheran Worship
Author: W. Gustave Polack
Tune: Kyrie, Gott Vater
1st Published in: 1541