Lord God, to You We All Give Praise
By: Philipp Melanchthon

Lord God, to you we all give praise,
To you with joy our thanks we raise
For angel multitudes that shine
In your great throne room crystal line.

From them flow light and heavenly grace
Reflecting splendors of your face.
They heed your voice, they know it well,
In godly wisdom they excel.

They never rest nor sleep as we;
Their whole delight is but to be
With you, Lord Jesus, and to keep
Your little flock, your lambs and sheep.

Increase, we plead, our song of praise
For angel hosts that guard our days;
Teach us to ceaselessly adore,
To serve as they do evermore.

Hymn # 189 from Lutheran Worship
Author: J. Klug
Tune: Komm, Gott Schopfer
1st Published in: 1543