This is the new Lutheran Worship Online Hymnal.
To the Praise of Almighty God!
orignal arrangements by Rev. Richard Jordan
This collection is copyright 1998 Rev. Richard Jordan, all rights reserved.

It will be replacing our original release when it is completed, in the mean time, both will be online. However this will be the only numberical ordered index.

We have changed our proceedure with this release, and have done original arrangements (replacing the TLH versions used previously) of all of the public domain tunes in Lutheran Worship. Those with copyrighted melodies are unavailable, and will display a text file indicating this.

When completed there will be a zip file with all the files and indexes, it will only be available by request, and will only be available according to very specific license provisions. (no need to ask until you see they are all online)

As additional sections are completed they will be put online - when everything is completed, then we will put the alphabetical index online.

Please Note: Other than Lutheran Worship's hymn numbers and titles, no material is actually being used which originates from from the Hymnal. All the settings and midi files relating to this page are copyright 1999 Rev. Richard Jordan, and are for personal enjoyment (and inspiration) only, all rights reserved. Any other use is not permitted without written permission.
Please Remember Our Copyright Policy!
Please write and ask permission if your intent does not fit this use.


LW 51-100
LW 101-150
LW 151-200
LW 201-250