Beside Thy Manger Here I Stand
by Paul Gerhardt

Beside thy manger here I stand
Dear Jesus, Lord and Savior
A gift of love within my hand
To thank Thee for Thy favor
O take my humble offering
my heart, my soul, yes, everything
Is Thine to keep forever.

With joy I gaze upon Thy face;
Thy glory and Thy splendor
Is greater than my heart can praise
And songs can fitly render.
O how I wish my mind would be
As boundless as the deepest sea,
T'would still be lost in wonder.

O grant me this abundant grace -
I hope t'will meet Thy pleasure -
That I might be Thy dwelling place,
Dear Savior Sweetest Treasure.
O Let me be Thy manger-bed
Then shall I lift my lowly head
With joy beoyand all measure.