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Christian midi files are good for personal devotions. Christian midi files can encourage a Christian lifestyle. Christian midi files can help build faith. Christian midi files tend to promote Bible Study. And we have lots of Christian midi files..

Looking for Christian Midi files? This is the place, we have lots of hymns organized by title and tune, and in a variety of styles, everything from baroque to rock - brass organ, guitar. traditional and contemporary.

Looking for Midi files of your favorite Hymns? Chances are we have what you are looking for, we have over a thousand - 3 complete hymnals. and lyrics.

Looking for Lutheran midi? There is not another site with as comprehensive collection as you can find here. We have "The Lutheran Hymnal". We Have "Lutheran Wosrhip" We have "Hymnal Supplement 98". We even have help for people using "Lutheran Book of Worship".

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