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This collection is copyright © 1998-2001  Richard Jordan.
Permission is granted for private enjoyment only, all rights reserved.
Copyright administered by On Jordan's Banks Music Publishing
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Baby Brat                          jig           american
Behind the Haystack                jig           Ireland 
Billy In The Lowground            breakdown     Ireland 
Black Reel #5                      reel          Ireland 
The Boys of Ballysodare           reel          Ireland 
Buttermilk Mary                    jig           Ireland 
Capers                             jig           Ireland 
Carrolltown                        Breakdown     English 
Cherish the ladies                 jig           Ireland 
Coleraine's Jig                    jig           Ireland 
Congress Reel                      reel          Ireland 
Connaught Man's Rambles            jig           Ireland 
Cottage in the Grove               reel          Ireland 
Cronin's Hornpipe                  hornpipe      Ireland 
Cully Set Tune                     reel          ?       
Cup of Tea                         reel          Ireland 
Dawn                               reel          Ireland 
Devil's Delight                    *             Ireland 
Dingle Regatta                     slide         Ireland 
Draught of Ale                     jig           Ireland 
Drowsy Maggie                      reel          Ireland 
The Drunken Landlady               reel          Ireland 
Eleanor Kane                       *             ?       
Eleanor Kane                       *             ?       
Father O'Flynn Jig                 jig           Ireland 
Frost is All Over                  jig           Ireland 
Gallagher's Frolic's               jig           Ireland 
Gander in the Pratiehole          double jig    Ireland 
Ger the Rigger                     polka         Ireland 
The Girl that Broke my Heart      reel          Ireland 
Gravel Walk                        reel          Ireland 
Hag with the Money                 jig           Ireland 
The Hag's Purse                    jig           Ireland 
Hare in the Corn                   reel          Ireland 
Harper's Frolic                    *             ?       
Haste to the Wedding               jig           Ireland 
Hayden's Fancy                     polka         Ireland 
The Humors of Last Night          jig           Ireland 
The Jig of Slurs                   jig           Scotland
Julia Delaney                      reel          Ireland 
Johnny has gone to France         reel          Ireland 
The Lark in the Morning            jig           Ireland 
The Longford Tinker                reel          Ireland 
Lord Gordon's Reel                 reel          Ireland 
The Lorica of St Patrick          hymn          Ireland 
Kathleen Hehir                     slide         Ireland 
Killarney Boys of Pleasure        reel          Ireland 
Little Stack of Wheat              reel          Ireland 
The Mason's Apron                  reel          Scotland
Mike's Fancy                       jig           Ireland 
The Musical Priest                 reel          Ireland 
Nine Points of Roguery            reel          Ireland 
Salmon's Tail up the Water        strathspey    England 
The Scholar                        reel          Ireland 
The Sepparation of Body and Soul  o'carolan     Ireland 
Shebeg Shemore                     o'carolan     Ireland 
Short Grass                        jig           Ireland 
Sligo Maid                         jig           Ireland 
Slane                              hymn          Ireland 
Speed the Plough                   reel          Ireland 
Spey in Spate                      reel          Scotland
Sporting Paddy                     jig           Ireland 
Strayaway Child                    *             Ireland 
Swallow's Tail Reel                reel          Ireland 
Tar Road to Sligo                  jig           Ireland 
Teviot's Bridge                    jig           Scotland
Tina's Schottiche                  schottiche    ?       
Tom Ward's Downfall               reel          Ireland 
Tongs by the Fire                  double jig    Ireland 
Trip to Windsor                    jig           Ireland 
Tripping up the Stairs             jig           Ireland 
Uncle Henry's Reel                 reel          Ireland 
Walsh's Reel                       reel          Ireland 
Whelan's Jig                       double jig    Ireland 
Whiskey before Breakfast          reel          America 
Willie Coleman's Jig               jig           Ireland 
Wind that shakes the Barley       reel          Ireland 
Winter Ducks                       *             ?       
Wise Maid                          reel          Ireland 
Wonder Hornpipe                    hornpipe      Ireland 


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