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Second Series

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Third Series

Having just finished the liner notes for the second album of my "Celtic Organ" it seemed time to revisit the traditional music with traditional instruments. There is some hesitation, as the first set has been done for fiddles, and some soundcards just won't do very well with this - but as I have said in the past, they are done with a roland soundcanvas in mind, and hopefully for the rest, it will sound OK. These will not be in alphabetical order, but rather in the order finished, so if there are any requests, this would be the time to get them in.

The Cows are a Milking           Reel

The Hurlers March          Reel

The Huntsman's Chorus           Reel

Hull's Victory           Reel

The Jack O'Lantern           Reel

The Chattering Magpie           Reel

The Foxhunter           Air on the Jig

Second Series

new tunes and new arrangments, because there is so much variation in the sounds of bagpipes and fiddles, I have avoided those for net arrangements, as more often than not, they will not sound as intended. Anyway this new series is an outgrowth of an Irish quintet that wanted some music, there were 4 wind players and a guitar, these arrangments reflect that.

The Five Mile Chase                      Reel          Ireland 

Behind the Bush in the Garden            Jig           Ireland 

Berry Dhone                                  Waltz         Ireland 

Buckley's Fancy                          Reel          Ireland 

Custy's Jig                                   Jig           Ireland 

Gan Ainm                                  Reel          Ireland 

Heel and Toe Polka                       Polka         ??? 

Hoedown Polka                                  Polka         ??? 

Illiam Dhone                                  Waltz         Ireland 

Kilavel Jig                                  Jig           Ireland 

Paddy O'Connell's Polka                  Polka         Ireland 

Rory O'More                                  Jig           America 

Rosemary Brown                           Waltz         Ireland 

The Old Maid at the Spinning Wheel       Jig           Ireland 

Trot Along                                  Polka         ??? 

Tipsy Peg                                  Hornpipe      Irish 

Egan's Polka                                  Polka         ??? 

Bluebird Schottische                     Schottische   ??? 


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