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Welcome to The Lutheran Hymnal Midi Project. These sequences began their life as an effort to pick hymns with singable melodies, it is being made available to all to help familiarize as many as possible with the rich heritage of the  German Chorale Hymns. They are also nice listening.

There are 6 principal parts, The Lutheran Hymnal Online edition, Lutheran Worship Online, Hymnal Supplement 98 Online, Lutheran Book of Worship Online Hymnal, my hymn arrangements (organ, folk, rock, country-western), the numerical indexes to the hymnals and hymn reference resources, (hymnal cross references, scripture index and a topical index).

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All the sequences are copyrighted © 1996-2002 Rev. Richard Jordan, and are for personal enjoyment (and inspiration) only, all other rights reserved. Let me be specific, if you are using this in any other way, than 1 person using 1 computer online on the internet, you should write for permission.
Copyright administered by On Jordan's Banks Music Publishing
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No Permission is granted to create sheet music from these  files, nor is permission granted to use any of the original arrangements contained in these pages in any way, other than the specified, personal private use, without written permission. They may not be used for commercial purposes, nor may it be included on CD-ROM collections, other web-sites or  any archives (including your hardrive), nor may it be used in any other way; without the express written permission.

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