Permisions and Copyright

All midi files are copyrighted © 1996-2002 Rev. Richard Jordan.

All arrangements  are copyrighted © 1997-2002 Rev. Richard Jordan.
(The Lutheran Hymnal Online midi files are the only midi files which use public domain arrangements)

All pages are copyrighted © 2002 Rev. Richard Jordan.
(We thank Project Wittenberg for creating public domain "The Lutheran Hymnal" hymn text files, never the less, our edited & corrected html lyrics are copyrighted)

The Lutheran Hymnal, Lutheran Worship, Hymnal Supplement 98,
are copyright Concordia Publishing House, St. Louis Missouri
Lutheran Book of Worship, With One Voice,
are copyright Augsburg-Fortress Publishing, Minneapolis, MN
- no permission is implied or granted for the use of their copyrighted materials.

These copyrighted materials are being made available for personal, private enjoyment (and inspiration) only, all other rights are reserved.
Personal private use is that which occurs
within you immediate biological family,
using 1 computer online on the internet.
Personal private use is not permission for archiving this material for your self or others in any manner, although you may keep up to 30 midi files on a personal computer for personal use.

Lutheran Churches are permitted to use up to 6 hymns on a web site,
there are however 2 conditions.
1. the notice "copyright © 2000 Rev. Richard Jordan, used by permission"; must appear.
2. the notice should be linked to "" to aid inquiries.
for those who like to cut and paste it should look something like this
copyright © 2000 Rev. Richard Jordan, used by permission

Lutheran churches are not granted any other specific permission.
Use in the church for any other purpose without permission is prohibited.
Churches desiring to use these files in worship must get permission.

Our copyright is administered by our publisher & sponsor
On Jordan's Banks Music Publishing

They sell our scores and CD's
They handle administrative matters
They are the ones you need to contact regarding permissions and copyright administration

A blanket copyright license from CCLI or other agency does not give any rights to the files on this site, if you haven't gotten permission from us, you don't just don't have permission. Its that simple!

No Permission is granted to create sheet music from these files. No permission is granted for public performance of this material. No permission is granted for use in public worship of this material. For those uses you must write and ask permission, (or to purchase sheet music).

Nor is permission granted to use any of the original arrangements contained in these pages in any way, other than the specified, personal private use, without written permission.

This material may not be used for commercial purposes, nor may it be included on CD-ROM collections, other web-sites or any archives, nor may it be used in any other way; without the express written permission.

For all other uses please write (or email) for permission.

When granting permission to churches, schools and other nonprofit organizations,
the following conditions will generally apply:

that the use be somehow acknowledged [small print, somewhere, that it is copyrighted material used by permission, and the source]

2. that this is not a replacement for a real live organist (or other musician), if and when one can be found by the congregation

3. that permission is generally granted in the form of a 1 year license, and you will be notified by email when it expires and given opportunity for renewal should you wish to continue to use the materials.

4. a reasonable license fee will be requested.

Inquires may be addressed to:

On Jordan's Banks Music Publishing
1193 Prarieview Ave.
Van Meter, Iowa 50261

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 I am sorry if this page offends you, it is necessary because there are some who do not seem to understand what an appropriate use of copyrighted material entails.

Copyright and Permission