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Update has gone live, and the links moved as well as the resources, which will allow the to focus on hymns. has been well underway for a year now, and continues to grow, by years end we hope to have 1,000 german hymns online.
Finally, it appears that the next new hymnal for us will be the new LCMS hymnal, is about a year before it will appear as a book, we hope to have ours online shortly thereafter

Summer Update
We finished work on Festive Organ 15 - Listen God is Calling (CD)
and also Celtic Organ 4 - Carolan (CD)
and we did release 4 volumes of Fesitve Organ Hymns (books)
and the first set of Brass Quartets
all of which are available from our Publisher
We are also continuing work on our German hymnal, which will soon continue as
Also in the works is,
which will become home for the non-hymnal things
which currently reside here, such as the exegetical studies.

A Blessed Easter!
The New Hymnal of the LCMS (proposed hymn list) - - is now complete & online -
while the list from The Commission on Worship is helpful, since it does not provide hymnal numbers, it is rather difficult to figure out just what hymns are there, since the names do change, that's why we've got it with both TLH, and LW #'s (along with HS98 numbers where applicable)

A Blessed Easter!
Festive Organ 13 - Jesus, I Will Ponder Now has been released
30 of the best hymns of Lent and Holy Week

Merry Christmas!

Festive Organ 12 - Go Tell it on the Mountain has been released.
In the area of Sheet Music -
3 volumes of our Festive Organ Hymns are in print.
The Celtic Organ is also now in print.
And you can learn all about these things at our Publisher's
On Jordans Banks Music Publishing new website
This is important, because they will now be handling permissions and copyright administration for us.

Celebrating the Reformation!
Festive Organ album - #11 Rock of Ages, has been released
Organbuchlen vol 1 & 2 have been released, and
We are having a prepublication sale on
the first two volumes of our "Festive Organ Hymn" scores.

We are looking for volunteers to help put a Spanish Lutheran hymnal online
The other big project is to put Johannes Zahn's encyclopedic work on German chorales online, (some 10,000 tunes) the preliminary plan is to have new arrangements, and German & English lyrics. We are looking for people to help, especially with the English, as much of it will need to be translated from German.

We are also in the final production stages of our new Festive Organ album - #11 Rock of Ages, should be released by mid-September. Do you have suggestions to what should be on #12?
Very quietly we have added a Lutheran hymnal with German and Latin lyrics, more songs will be added over time, it will be our work in progress.
There are some other things in the works, but not ready for announcement. But I will say that anyone desiring to beta-test a page15 liturgy, one is very nearly ready.

The Festive Organ #9 "We Give Thee But Thine Own" has been released - #10 "If God Himself Be For Me" is in production with a planned release at Petecost. Lutheran Worship Lyrics are online, those which are not available, are not available due to copyright. Sheet Music is now online and available for sale. Music from all the organ albums and a large collection for brass quartet, even sample PDF files. Work has begin on German Hymn Lyrics, from a TLH base we hope to have all the orginal German lyrics online, if however the Lyrics were not German, we will try to get those Lyrics also, but the focus is on some sort of an online German Hymnal. Only Thing Left is To Wish You All a Blessed Easter!

The Festive Organ Easter Album has been released (#6) and work on the next album has begun, the theme being Morning hymns. The Folk Christmas CD was released right at Christmas. And it is now time to say that we will close voting on which hymnal will be the next hymnal added, every vote counts, so send in your emails. Also, a reminder than site licences expire after 1 year, and you must write to request renewal - don't forget!

With One Voice is complete, until copyrights expire and permit more to be place online. The Folk Christmas section has been updated - with new songs, and lyrics in the original languages, mostly german, some latin and some yet to come. Progress is being made on the lyrics for Lutheran Worship, but they are not yet ready. And we have provided a navigation system to see what we might have available in mpeg audio files, and to tell you about the CD's which are available for sale, including a Christmas album, and a forthcoming Easter Album. Still gathering votes on what should be the next Lutheran hymnal to be added, so write if you have a preference.

The next project is the hymnal supplement "With One Voice" it became the next project because of overwhelming requests. I mention that, because I do want you to know that I do listen to your email requests. A preliminary version can be found at
I will mention at this time that there will be a number of hymns which will be unavailable due to copyright, but we will make available as much as is possible.

Summer has come and gone, there are now 5 albums of hymns, the newest being the Christmas album, and work is underway for an Easter album. The Celtic Organ albums have proved popular, so if you have not listened, do stop by.
We have completed work on the Country Hymns album and it can be found
We have also completed work on the first traditional Celtic Album and it can be found
I am not certain what is next, other than work as requested, and filling in some additional resources. As always your comments are important, so if you have requests, or ideas or suggestions do drop us an email. Also, if you would be interested in an occasional e-newsletter, send us some email and we'll add you to the list.

Well, some of you may have found it, but we have put quite a number of mpeg (mp3) sound files online, its organ music, and our plan is to have 4 CD's of hymns, and the 2 Celtic Organ albums available by end of Summer (we are 2/3's done now). After that, we are working on a Christmas Album (organ) which we hope to get out in early fall. Where do you find this?
Click Here
You can listen to most of it without charge, and you can also order a CD (or two). Tell your friends, especially if you enjoy it. Once you get there you can also find out about the Lutheran Country Hymns which are also being recorded.

Well, the Lutheran Book of Worhsip Online Hymnal has been released, and I do want to thank my proofreader for going over it all, and helping find the little typo's. Also we have place 2 TLH liturgies online, and a number of new arrangements in all categories. But the big thing is still to come, the search engine. It is not yet complete, but you may find it helpful, and we would appreciate comments as they may help guide its developement.(Many thanks to Charles Kelly who is guiding this process!)

We anticpate a formal release of our "Lutheran Book of Worship" Online Hymnal at the begining of May, the alphabetical index can now be found Here. There are still some hymns that are not online, but they will be in the 500's, all the others should be present. After that it will be a rest, and then into the studio to do some more recording. So it may appear quiet for a while.

We are in the middle of a major project. Since there has been suffiecient demand we have begun work on and online "Lutheran Book of Worship" or LBW - it is not complete, quite a number of hymns are missing, and we usually don't make things available until they are complete, but due to the requests we are making the beta version available. It may be some time before it is completed - but what can be found is here - LBW
please check earlier news releases for other things in beta testing, they are not mentioned elsewhere until the formal completion and release.

Just a Quick Addition, while there may not be any "news releases" posted here during the next few months, thats not to say that there is not new material making regular appearances - its just that there is no one major body of work, just alot of requests [i.e. - people who sent email]
It is time to begin public testing of our "The Order of Morning Service" or Page 5 from TLH, the only link to this page is here.
We anticipate field testing for several months, gathering the results, changing those things which need it, and then it will be added into the indexing. After that, we will begin work on adding Matins, and perhaps other services. I would like to express my apologies to those who have requested zip files, we ran into a slight snag, seems that the method we were planing to use, does not work except under windows9x [there were problems for mac and win31 users] due to the 1 year expiring licenses, we needed to make certain that we reminded everyone about this, and we had though we had found a way to make the files expire on a certain date, (a reminder it was time to renew licenses)unfortunately there were bugs in this system. It seems like some people have therefore decided to download everything on their own, in violation of the user agreement - and we are faced with 2 choices, either prosecuting the offenders for copyright violations, restricting certain areas to password access only, or closing down the whole site. It is very discouraging!

The Old Lutheran Worship is gone now, and new pages have been put up which should work with all browsers. Also, the new addition to the Folk Christmas Hymns are online. For those who are curious about the future, we are working on getting texts for the Lutheran Worship hymns, as these are being typed by volunteers, it may be some time before they go online, but there are about 100 completed so it may move faster, of course more volunteers would be welcome, write if you are interested. One of the other projects which is underway is a searchable index of all the hymns, hopefully by Title, Author, Hymn Tune, and a variety of other options. This is also one of the things which has held up putting the sermons online, as we would like that also to be searchable. I will mention that there are a number of exegetical studies which are not online at present, we hope that we will also have space to add the rest of those at that time.

The Lutheran Worship revisions are online and debugged, unless someone can come up with a reason why the orginal Lutheran Worship should remain online it will be removed next month. Now, on to what is coming next - while it may seem like Christmas is a long time away - that is our current focus - our plans for Christmas, is that the Lutheran Folk Christmas should be expanded - we hope to at least double the size of that collection. Don't expect Jingle Bells or any of the secular songs - there are plenty of sites that have those - but we will be adding some less familiar carols, including Paul Gerhardt's "Come Now Ye Shepherds" which I cannot find in any of the English language Lutheran Hymnals in my collection. A friend has told me about the "new" German Lutheran Hymnal - and that I really ought to get one - if anyone knows where one may be gotten, please drop me a line. Look for the new Christmas addtions to appear sometime in October. I will also try to finish up some of the things which have been previously announced, but are yet incomplete before the year ends. I will also mention that if there is some interest in an online LBW or SBH (those in the ELCA know what these are) such tools may yet appear(drop me an email).

The Lutheran Worship revisions are coming along quite nicely. So much so that I feel confident that we will be able to put the whole thing online by Labor Day. Will also try to get some news releases out, as even if I do say so myself, it is a massive amount of work. I had hoped that some donations would trickle in, as that might be able to fund some site expansion - we have close to 40 meg online at this point, which is all we are permited without additional cost.

We're doing an uplanned update to the site, chiefly because search engines can't seem to read nested tables, and one of the main ones spidered the whole site, and decided that the guestbook was the only thing it would index - so we are making the changes to cascading style sheets and layers, this will mean that people with version 3 or earlier brwosers may not see things correctly - but they should atleast see something, and it seems that 96% of our visitors over the last months have been using version 4 browsers that can display everything correctly. As this problem was affecting listings in infoseek, excite, lycos, aol_netfind and search_msn - well it meant we were getting harder to find. In the mean time, we have place the new Lutheran Worship arrangements online, it will still take a while, some take considerable perspiration, while for others the inspiration comes quickly, anyway 250 out of 520 is a good start. Now I will get back to work again.

Things will be quiet for a while, it is not because of inactivity, rather a major project is underway, several actually, but you'll here about the others later. We are working on a revision of our Lutheran Worship files. The current version makes use of several hundred TLH version settings. This was good as it enabled us to get something online quickly, but was never completely satisfactory. There are differences between the way LW and TLH do the same tune, in rhythm and also in the key, also my arrangements are stylistically different from the TLH settings. We are going to completely replace all the TLH files with new LW settings of similar style to those which are already online. We will be moving the LW files to their own directory at that time, We will also new LW indexes, both alphabetical and numerical, and will probably begin by releasing numerical pages as they are completed, so you can begin to use them. When we were doing the original TLH files, it took over a year to complete, that was just to copy existing music, this time we also need to write the music as all we are using are the tunes. I think you will enjoy the result. I do not know how long it will take to complete but I hope to have the first half online by the end of the summer. Don't worry, the TLH files will continue to be available, and we will consider making a tune comparison table between the TLH setting and my LW settings, if there is sufficient interest.

 Today we added about 30 new arrangements including the first country and organ settings for hymns from Hymnal Supplement 98 . This includes my new organ setting for the "Navy Hymn" just in time for Memorial Day. There have been enough requests that we have begun a new collection - Folk arrangements, it is still in developement at this time, but will begin appearing shortly. If you wish to see one collection grow faster than another, it is important that I hear from you regarding your preferences and requests.
We have just completed Hymnal Supplement 98 and put it online.
We do have a guest book, although it is not prominent, persistent people should be able to find it.
We have begun doing some contemporary arrangements of tunes from LW, the first batch is found at the bottom of the Country arrangements page, when arrangements from HS98 are completed they will appear below LW.
We are working on some new organ arrangements from tune from LW, and hope to put those online in the weeks to come. We will also be placing some more of the Celtic Organ arrangements online at that time.
We are also working on making some of the music available as sheet music through the use of adobe PDF files - at least a representative sample - licensed copies would be ordered by e-mail, at least until we find a publisher to handle this chore.
Comments and suggestions are welcome.